We meet again December

Last December I was in waiting.

Waiting for love to arrive. Waiting for the next big thing in my life.

Waiting for people to notice me and invite me in.

This December is different.

I’m reaching out. I’m moving forward and I’m becoming more and more focused.

I want to manifest a beautiful life that I can enjoy as I be of service.

I’m opening up to receive the beauty that here everyday.

I’m grateful for the journey.

Happy Monday everyone

May it be the beginning of the rest of your life.

Xoxo Kandee

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Letting the wind blow as I think of you.

My mind flows to earth uneven and unpathed. 

Grace becomes mercy, and everything becomes all things in the mist of a dawn.

No time for sadness when the time is now.

No room for gratitude if you miss the pretty picture. 

Looking within without a telescope of the view is humbling. 

Open to greater possibility because anything is possible. 

Thankful I’m here another day. 

C. L Cunningham 

Just a soulflower in a meadow🌻🌹

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Late night thoughts and a vision of a new way or new day so to speak. 

My mind is usually full of new concepts and world advice. 

Seeing things from different angles. I often think of change or the wasted opportunities for change. 

In a planet where everything is designed to coexist amongst each other. There seems to be the need to rule or capture things that don’t need to be caught. 

Simply put, leave life to be lived. Help where you can. Be a good steward and stop trying to be in command.

Obviously this is just my opinions. 

I dream of a life more beautiful. I believe the governed should ultimately govern themselves. But in a world gone mad is that really a possibility? 

Are we so unpredictable that knowledge of our every move is needed. Should mankind be feared? Should there be fear? Was that taught to us to control or did we create it?

It’s 2:15 a.m and I’m up with my over active mind. Searching timelines for inspiration. Boredom often keeps me busy. Seems like an oxymoron…

The need not to waste time is a waste in itself. 

Beautiful Saturday morning. Earlier than I expected to be up. Ready to be on the road. But not entirely. I thought of a different outcome. A different paradox. Thankfully I can always create a pretty picture out of anything I receive.

When I’m grateful for the now. The future seems brighter. 

C. L Cunningham 

Up early on a Saturday 


I woke up today energized.  Well almost energized. And I got on the path to determination. I’m trying not to procrastinate so determination is all I have left in me at the moment. 

I handled most of my business and the heat started to begin (feels like summer has officially started☉🌼) and I started to head back. I don’t know if it was the heat that got to me or the troubles on my mind. But I started to feel weary. To be made tired. I  still finished getting some more info. And I delayed some things for a better time.

I decided to take a nap. Well really I wasn’t sure if it was a nap or and all dayer (this isn’t a real word I just like the sound of it). But when I awoke I expected to feel bad or at least the same. And for some reason I didn’t. I feel lil off balance but ultimately my mind is thinking about better days. 

I’m working on continuous improvement. I’m believing in a higher power and I’m focusing on love. 

C. L Cunningham 

My city 


I’ve traveled around and have gotten to call many cities my city. But my birth city is good ol Kansas City, Missouri. I spent many a summer here with family and friends.

My self appointed home city is Omaha, Nebraska. Home of my Cornhuskers!!!!!!🌽 I spent most of my life in the city of Omaha.

There’s a special place in my heart for Omaha. I’ve lived in Bellevue and Plattsmouth, Ne but Omaha is where I have my gratitude for. I learned ballet in that city. It opened my eyes to the beauty of the Arts.

But like all cities my city has it problems. Problems that I’m not going to focus on right now. Because there will always be problems. We need more solutions.

I made a list of things I’d like to see in not just my city but in all cites.

  • Not more police protection but better police protection.
  • Education that is great for all districts. Education that is advancing as the world advances
  • Affordable housing for all economic groups
  • Healthy foods in all areas of the city
  • Clean water for every living creature
  • Volunteer workers for after school programs
  • Jobs for all areas
  • Transportation that reaches everywhere. Every city should be connected

Child predator awareness taught in daycare, schools and churches ( I’m tired of folks raping children and nobody is saying anything)

Okay I’m getting off my soapbox but I hope if enough of us demand more from our cities. Then more of us will be living in cities that we are proud of.

C. L Cunningham

Activist (maybe)

New season 

The air smells like spring 

Birds are speaking only a language they know 

And I’m here thinking about you

Cars are driving by leaving the lingering sounds of exhausted souls 

Going but with no real place to go

Seeing a lot of the same things each and every day 

Trying to be whomever they’ve set their minds to be 

And I just want to try to be with you 

Leaves are changing; sun is shining and I’m just thinking about shining with you 

Like two twinkling stars in the night skyline or even blazing like this California sun 

I’m just waiting on the day you ultimately give in to me and we became us and I can relax and enjoy this season 

C. L Cunningham 

My truth is my blog

This is my blog and I can say what I want. My life isn’t always rainbows and rose petals. Some parts of my life are dark and scary. And I want to be real authentic even by telling you my truth. I have to because this may be all that’s left of my memory…my words. 

The next few days will be trying to say the least about it. But to expect the most of what will happen next. I smile thinking about it. 

I have watched Sleeping with the enemy and Enough in preparation. I have done a run down and practice scenarios. I have convinced myself that if he puts his hands on me that I have to do what’s in my best interests for survival. 

But even in saying that…I still love this man. And would just like for the drama to end and a new beginning to begin. I’m tired of fighting. I’m tired of hating him. I found a book about forgiveness and I would love to start forgiving. Unfortunately I can’t begin that journey yet. But soon. I get to start soon. 

Right now I’m just Moma bear protecting her cubs… if people can sing and rap about their pain I can write about mine.. without judgement.

Til next time
C L Cunningham 

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