Brooks on the Rise

Imagine being connected to the moonlight and using it as fuel for your soul.

That’s what singer songwriter Brooks on the Rise does with her sultry voice and kindred energy.

The mystical sounds coming from this young spirit are beyond age and time.

It’s taken years to perfect her sound, but 2019 is the year of new beginnings and Brooks is ready to meet her destiny.

Click the link below to her song Storm and enjoy the beauty of Brooks on the Rise. I’m sure you’ll love what you hear.

Xoxo Kandee


Hanging out in the west coast sun gave me browner skin and a drive for greatness.

Something about seeing people move about chasing their dreams makes me want to do more.

When I hear the song West by Karate Kidd. It gives me the vision of a man chasing after his dream.

With a chill vibe and nice beats he takes his journey on a musical road trip.

Check out West by Karate Kidd in the link below.

The paint brush of life

Painted fingers dipped in water colors spreading across the paper expressing child like memories of a naive mind.

Art is the hands expression of words. It gives hope to the hopeless. Beauty in places that no one else thought were beautiful. It brings smiles on faces and love in hearts. 

An artist is a creator of visual magnificent works. Images that remind me to indulge in the landscape of this universe. 

As a mother and educator I love giving children experiences in creativity. It pushes their minds to explore different ways of thinking. 

I use art for my comfort. I use art to help me expand my words and bring pictures to my train of thought. I simply enjoy art and artist. I loved art classes even though I’m not the greatest artist out here lol. 

I find myself browsing Pinterest for creative visual art. I’m fascinated by the powerful spirits that let their light shine through paintbrushes and pencils. 

Day 18 of grateful January and today’s question is what piece of art are you grateful for. I actually have a few that stand out but my most favorite artist have been my tribe of children. 

C. L Cunningham 

Happy Thoughtful Thursday 🌹

Photos courtesy of Pinterest 

Art Army 

Peaceful journeys and pandora’s box

Bright and sunny morning outside. The wind smells fresh and cool enough to bring tears from the chill. I’m being thankful. 

Monday sweet Monday oh how I adore you. 

Listening to Christmas music and playing a couple of hands of digital spades I refresh my spirit. Off tune and lip singing I groove to the beat.

Checking out my social media and trying to be helpful to my fellow writers I embrace the day. Uplifting is a soul filled with kindness. I’m not always the kindest of the kind. (I think I made that word up lol 😂) (nevermind google searched it and it’s a word double 😂 😂)

I stroll and enjoy the thoughts of others. Shake off any negativity and keep it pushing. There’s more important things to think about. I pray quietly for myself and others turn my thoughts to a positive radio station so I can focus on the beauty of this day. 

Yes my mind tends to remember the past like any other human my memories can grab a hold of my heart and twist it tight if I allow it to. The trick is to kick those thoughts ass before they can have a pity party. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more for myself than sadness. It’s time to live. Not that the love has faded or that the pain is gone. Those things remain. The only thing that changed is the want to receive the awesomeness that I am being given everyday. It’s available if I want it. 

I have to grab hold of smiles and laughter. I have to reach out and say good morning to a stranger. I have to be willing to send peace and blessings out to the universe to receive it back so that’s what I do. 

Hello universe I love you! 

I know that you love me back 😉 

Today I’ll let bygones be bygones and reach outside of my Pandora’s box grab hold of my sanity and unlock the mindset that keeps me captivated by the unnecessary. Dance in the rain of the storm kick off my shoes and open my soul up to gratitude because I made it through another day. Awoke today to happiness and the calmness of life.
C.L Cunningham 

Have a happy Monday y’all we earned it! 💋🌺


Photo courtesy of Instagram @workoutgyrl_7

Artist David Garibaldi


Art Army

Saturday night in

In a culture to critique the norms I stand outside looking in. Today I’m happy. Dancing and singing enjoying the beat of my own drum. Little things mean a lot. 

Watching Twilight and nestled up writing this blog, the day isn’t what it seems. Too much emphasis on the reaction to an action is the bothersome business of others and ain’t nobody got time to worry about that.

I’m still trying to make love last and leave the past behind. I hope it lets me live for the now. 

That’s the best thing I can do. Plans for the future have twists and turns and I hate almost every bit of it. Not because of the lack of hope but because I’m ready to embrace my place on my own. I’m ready to be excited and vocal about my dreams and our destiny. Like a kid in a candy store I want to pick out this and that. Color schemes and locations are the visual art that I want to see. 

Waiting is a game and I’m up to bat. I’m calling fouls early so I can end the inning on a default. Picky picky picky. Call me impatient as usual.

Sometimes freedom of the mind starts with matters of the heart. I’m thankful that mine is still protected my by my protection.

Pushing forward for change. Funny how it happens right before your eyes for those of us who are looking. 

Live for today. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Quotes to live by. Do some yoga. Veg out if you can. Take a hot shower or relax in a quiet place. Find your center and embrace your truth. Reminders that keep me calm. 

I hope they’re helpful for anyone who’s reading too. ✨
C.L Cunningham 

Photos courtesy of

Artist Eva Ruiz


Artist Yaoyan 
Art Army 

Kandee came home 

Destination home team is in in full effect. I’m settling in well with my parents and getting a parental break finally… yay.

I seriously forgot about the bugs and air quality. I mean if swimming underwater is the way you want to breathe just ask me how it feels. 😂

But all in all I’m ok. I’m not quite yet ready for certain conversations. Truth. I’m bitter. I’m hurt. I’m saddened by the demise of certain things and moving past others. Life is funny in the most un hilarious ways. 

Hey. It happens right. Life goes on and days turn into nights and we will find love again. If not in each other in someone else. 

I’m tired. Yoga stretches and squats in various ways keeps me focused. 

I’m writing a new book. Writing two blogs simultaneously ,monthly trying to be heard not seen. I made my big jump and got back on Instagram. Let’s see how that goes the jury is still out on that lol. 

My wacky snaps keeps me laughing. I don’t have many followers so it’s completely comfortable. 

I’m just happy to be back even though it doesn’t feel like I’ll be here long it’s comforting to have a peace of mind. 
C.L Cunningham 

Sending love n light ☃️

Photo courtesy of

Artist Abigail Adela Cruz 

Art Army 

At last

The most unforgettable feeling I’ve ever felt has been with you.

Letting music become my medicine. My ailments are deeper than a scalpel can reach. Unless I want to surgically remove my heart and place where my brain used to be.

Nah. Fudge that.

The improbable probability of life immortality is basic at most.

Enteral damnation. The cost to be the boss. Knowing better doing better. Reaching higher. Allowing more bs than I have ever encountered on my own. Would have skipped this part. Fo sho.

Acquiring more looks. Feeling less important. Less impressed with the impracticable reason to be impressed or important. Why ask why. More doing less saying. More saying less doing. Don’t matter anymore.

This life is free. Wake up breathe. Aww. You made it. 

At last the tables have turned back around and there you are in the mist of the crowd. Are the eyes on me? Are the eyes watching me because I’m watching you?

At the touch of my finger tips you are there with a swipe. But still far beyond my intellectual love, my passionate kiss, and my bleeding heart.

C. L Cunningham 

Photos shared through fair sharing

Art Army

Broken timelines 

I’m right but I’m wrong.

The price to prove point. 

Was it worth it?


To fix the broken pieces with anything less than bonding glue would be useless.

Once these parts are put back together nobody can break the seal. 

As long as the love is real and the ego gets shut off between each other.

This dream becomes possible and happiness can last forever.
Do want to spend forever with me?

Lend the roadmap to your heart. Let me meet you in the moonlight. 

Hold you for a moment. Kiss you gently goodnight. Make your subconscious call my name on the low.
Ssh….Quiet that storm inside yourself. 

Yes, we got hurt once before. 

Yes, we fucked it all up. 



For a redone image of a fantasy.
C.L Cunningham 



Art Army 


I think I’m seriously giving up on this adult mess. 

I really gave it the ol college try. I swear I did.

Just when I think my life is heading in one direction the plans change. The train jumps the track and boom!  Destination what the fudge shows up and ask me which way do I want to go and I go where rainbows are.

Funny. How I think I know what I’m asking the universe for. I even plan for it. Then out of what seems like a bad joke or a mid life nightmare. Here comes the twist and turns.

Thankfully this is when the adventure begins. I have no ideal where my life is headed. Adulting is inevitable. I’m just going to do mine day by day.

C.L Cunningham 


Art Army

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