Hazy beam of blue

I hear you talking Lord.

Telling the thoughts in my head which way to go.
Listening to the sounds of telepathic telephone services reaching behind
enemy lines to capitalize on the unknown.

Blue beam project has already begun to cern and we are just finding out.
Twisted lies behind twisted minds. Word of mouth has traveled as far as it can go.
Still we wait for life to show us more of what’s next.
The dawn of time has awaken the truth of whatever we can believe.
While still holding back the reality of what is truly happening.
Tired are the sleepy, wired with imaginary lines.
Unnoticed are the awakening to how to manifest our departure from dreams.

Lucid and blessed are the decisions that thrive the world.
Though we have no idea how many there are.
We shape this world with our bare hands and we are still falling behind intellect
higher than the highest hateful thought.
We rise through our need to free our minds and use our spirits of survival.
C L Cunningham

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This space inside my head

I’ve changed…hopefully for the better.
As I grew and learned. I found out that growing may not be as glamorous as I hoped. Yet I found peace in knowing that I’m working for every blessing, lesson and triumph… My advice to you is. Keep trying to get better and be thankful along the way. 🌌
Xoxo Kandee

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It’s early morning and I’ve been up thinking 💭.

About how my life turned out to be the way it is now.

I just got engaged to my ex husband. It literally sounds weird to say that.

No-one else has been supportive of that decision but the children. Let me sit in that statement.

The ones who were in the home with us are the ones who believe that we can build a better foundation for the future.

They seen the struggle the arguments and the shatter of the marriage. Yet in still our support is coming from the place of hope.

I’m not sorry for trying things that others have said no to. I’m just trying to live with all of the choices I’ve made in the past. Taking them to the realists truths that I can find and hopefully moving forward in peace.

My punishment is my own self esteem being broken into pieces every time I chase something that makes me feel pain, sadness and anger.

I beat myself up after the haze has cleared. When no one is around I analyze my actions over and over again.

This time I want to look back and say I did exactly what I needed to do to be able to wake up in the morning with a positive start and a smile on my face.

– C L Cunningham

Happy Thursday everyone may it bring you happiness, love, and abundance.




Oh noooo!

Well the past few days has been trying to say the least.

A series of unfortunate events and circumstances arouse and once again the fight or take flight test showed up again. 

In those moments my anxiety starts to take off! I mean it goes from  zero to 100 real quick.

It starts in my mind. Then slowly creeps up my toes into my stomach and eventually takes over my body and spirit. 

I’m thankful for divine signs that point you in the right direction. That give you clarity. Today I came across a great quote about anxiety and I want to share it with everyone. It gave me some peace of mind and I hope it’s a blessing to you on this Sunday morning. 

📸@mrssole (IG) https://www.instagram.com/p/BWnGBRNFuKk/

C.L Cunningham 

Wishing you peace and blessings 💙💚


Well friend it’s obvious that this isn’t happening today…

I smile as I write this. 

I want you to know that. It’s okay  things went the way they did. We were always friends first anyway. 

Here’s to friendship 💜 even if we never get right. I still got your back.

C. L Cunningham 

After the storm 

He leans over at me and says I’m sorry for everything that I did to contribute to us being this down… and I touched his back and said shit happens we’ll be alright. 
Sometimes a downfall happens when you think your having fun. Or maybe your so focused on having fun your not even paying attention to the things that are falling apart. Until they’re gone or untouchable. 
I made the same mistakes he did. Not in the same way but I let the allure of something else look bigger and better than what it was. I definitely was bitter of his audacity to go out and enjoy himself with no regard to our relationship. I knew it was only a matter of time before it all fell apart or fell in my lap to handle and I got out and on to something different. 
Now we’re at the crossroads of doing it together. I don’t know if it means being together forever or just doing it side by side until we’re both in a spot okay enough to move on. 
We’ve always been able to put our feelings aside and build each other up. We strengthen each other and after we messed up apologizing to each other and at least trying to repair the things that we hurt. 
I’m happy that I still have my friend. That under all the bs we can have a better understanding of each other. I’m hopeful for the future but I’m still healing from the past. Growth is coming in a series of steps for now…and I’m okay with that. 🌞
Wishing you love light and happiness 

C L Cunningham 

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