Coffee or tea or something like that

Scrolling down my timeline and there’s nothing I want to focus on.

Looking forward to seeing a post from that favorite feed only to get no rejuvenation.

Feeling better today than yesterday. So I search for something bigger.

Something stronger. Something out of the norm.

I like wet dreams and things that steam mirrors. But when my heart is weary and body is aching from sickness what I want is compassion.

The rat race has made it’s way to the internet and no-one has to drive a car for 9 to 5 thinking.

Rain, sleet, or snow. The pretend job has us going clockwork orange.

When all I really need is a hug and a cup of coffee. I can get both from the internet too yet neither will taste the same.

It’s Tuesday night and I’m in the middle of a snow storm.

Til we meet again.

Xoxo Kandee

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Being a kid growing up in the 80’s was the coolest experience. It was right after flower power but right before the pop culture faze…

All the best kinds of teenie bopper movies were made…16 Candles and the Breakfast Club. Pretty woman and La Bamba. School daze and comedies like Harlem Nights.

I used to listen to Debbie Gibson and Wham..I loved the Bangles and EnVogue.

Life was simpler and learning about love and hope of a relationship were things I learned from movies and TV shows. A young midwestern girl before the streets grabbed a hold of her. The falseness of a happy ending is embedded in my brain. The simplicity that true love conquers all.

Some kind of wonderful gave me a vision where the girl wasn’t the typical beauty queen or the popular chic. The girl was a tomboy like me and a kindred soul like me and in love with a guy…like me…I revisited this movie and that feeling I had hoping for a love where friends became the happy ending. And love was the some kind of wonderful.

I still hope for this love…I didn’t pick the best relationships in the past but I believe it’s available in my future…

Love n light…til next time ✨

C. L Cunningham

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