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I woke up today energized.  Well almost energized. And I got on the path to determination. I’m trying not to procrastinate so determination is all I have left in me at the moment. 

I handled most of my business and the heat started to begin (feels like summer has officially started☉🌼) and I started to head back. I don’t know if it was the heat that got to me or the troubles on my mind. But I started to feel weary. To be made tired. I  still finished getting some more info. And I delayed some things for a better time.

I decided to take a nap. Well really I wasn’t sure if it was a nap or and all dayer (this isn’t a real word I just like the sound of it). But when I awoke I expected to feel bad or at least the same. And for some reason I didn’t. I feel lil off balance but ultimately my mind is thinking about better days. 

I’m working on continuous improvement. I’m believing in a higher power and I’m focusing on love. 

C. L Cunningham 

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Power of 

The power of anger has been able to break down communities, leadership and even countries. 

I have it, you have it even little bitty babies have it. The driving force of anger is fear. Fear gives birth to hate,sadness, guilt, etc. I didn’t associate those at first. I just assumed they were all different but really they are more of the same thing we don’t want.  I may feel sadness when I look at certain things or hear something that I don’t like. But it stems from the fear of. Fear that my world around me isn’t getting better.  But it actually is. I see it in commercials. Telling me to be myself and love it. I see it in movies that ask for love and send a peaceful message.  I see it in lovers, families that are enjoying each other, and even in nature. 

Today is crazy hot and I  have no air like so many others but I’m still smiling and learning new things and trying to be positive. 

Maybe today you can’t change. Maybe your heartbroken, grief ridden, depressed, or unappreciated. Maybe today your caught up in the world around you.  That’s okay. We all get in that space sometimes. 

I just want anyone reading this to take 3 seconds just 3. And breathe deep and say I love you. To yourself. Whisper it for 3 seconds and blow out. 

The world may not be ready for unity. You may not be ready for unity. 

So for now start with you. Your love, your spark for passion. If even something is bringing you down at least you know that you loved for 3 seconds. Start at 3 add more whenever you can. Then let it resonate off you. This road is tuff. Enlightenment feels lonely sometimes but it’s worthy of a try.

Happy father’s day to the fathers. 



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Oh happy day 

It’s Sunday so I awoke to some praise and worship music 🎶🎧. 

I’m feeling pretty good and blessed. Too blessed to be stressed. I took all night to think and watch the stars. I was up till around 3am or later. I don’t remember. But it’s a process to say the least.  To walk in the glory of the most high. I almost forgot what this felt like.

To let go and let God. 

The sun is shining. The birds are actually singing and I’ve been set free to feel it’s beautiful embrace. 👐

HAPPY Sunday beautiful creatures! Enjoy this life (it’s yours)

C.L Cunningham 

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All I wanted 

All I wanted to do is be with you. I would’ve taken any position had ya given me one.

What’s flashing lights and fancy cars to a girl who has nothing…nothing.  It’s nothing to me.

Help the world…yeah because the world needs help. Smile when you’re crying…sure ok. If I have someone to run to. Someone to lean on.

This time I ask for saving grace. To heal my heart and lighten my steps. To make me smile and thicken these thighs. And maybe once send me my soulmate so I can finally fall in love.

C L Cunningham 💋

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Letting go

I read a book that said reality isn’t really reality. Take the curtain down and forgive everything you see.

So I forgive it all.

The violence, the fear, the hate, the sadness and the pain.

I fell in love with a super star. I’m still in love. But who wouldn’t be. He’s fiiiine. Guess I’ll buy myself a poster. He got the number in his dm tho. (Just in case)

I’m working on my health. That’s important even po people got to look out for their health. I found my passion.  I hope my mind movie reaches my dreams. Maybe happier endings existence. I mean I’m still happy now. My heart is full and my job is done.


Going to find a rainbow 🌈

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Is it coming? 

Political stances and FBI probes.  Are  these enough to change our laws? How many tapes and statistics are needed when there is an out cry of outrage?

We the people want changes.  We want solutions and we want our leaders undivided attention on social issues that matter to us. 

A dawn of a new day is awakened.  In Jehovah God we trust. YAWEH is waiting. It’s on our currency but is it in our hearts?

How many more senseless acts of refusal will it take for the walls to fall and freedom actually to ring? Balance between the harmonies of the powers that be. Change is coming and I hope it’s for the better. 


Hopeful ☄