Great start!

   Considering that everyone has the same chance to have a great day.  I’m posting this beautiful quote. Today let’s choose a better feeling than the days prior. Let’s choose happiness over sad situations. Let’s look on the bright side and have a awesome Tuesday. C.L Cunningham  Happy Tuesday 🌞

Making plans

Wale’s matrimony humming in the wind.  Answering the call of chitter-chatter and belly laughs. Making plans to turn a house into a home. Thinking about the layout and what kind of furniture would be affordable and feasible to dream about.    It’s almost a dream crusher to only focus your dreams on the things you…Read more »

That comes

I  Want everything that comes with you. The late nights and early mornings.  The secret rendezvous in plain sight. The phantom phone calls and magic mind fogs of inspiration. Dancing in the middle of parallel dimensions for your eyes only.    I Need to feel your thoughts.  To feel sweat prickling on my skin. Glistening…Read more »