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I saw something today saying International day of purpose. Which is such an awesome ideal. Especially when you’re looking for what your purpose is. This gives a reason to continue looking.

Even if you’ve found your purpose the thought of sharing it with the world is amazing!!

So today cast your worries to the side for a while and share a bit of your purpose today loves….

C. L Cunningham

Wishing you all 🌐Peace and transparency

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In life there is the ideal of two sides to a coin. In my case two sides to a story or situation. 

Many of our struggles have two sides. Winning or losing.  One day you might have a great day and one day it feels like,the weight of the world is on top of you. 

They teach us to be good sports. Not to be sore losers in school. But what about in life? 

How do we be good losers in day to day situations?

You turn on the news and you hear the things we are taking a loss on daily.  Loss of life. Loss of finances. Loss of resources. Loss of relationships. Loss of hope.

And everybody has a loss in their lives at some point. This world isn’t always full of kindness. 

When you go to work and you got looked over for that promotion. When you have a disagreement and it’s not looking good for your viewpoint. When a business deal crumbles. When you want something that you can’t have. When you have something stolen from you. 

These types of loss aren’t considered things that we should be viewing as loss. These things are supposed to be glanced over and forgotten. But there are a lot of people who don’t forget. The feeling of losing in being stored up and tallied instead. The aftermath of loss could be damaging to the soul.

Today I ask for peace in my losing situations. To still put a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart. To not be a sore loser, but a way maker even when I don’t see the way. 

The sun is always shining somewhere. And sometimes what looks like a loss may actually be a win.

C. L Cunningham 

Using my loses as stepping stones 

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Oh happy day 

It’s Sunday so I awoke to some praise and worship music 🎶🎧. 

I’m feeling pretty good and blessed. Too blessed to be stressed. I took all night to think and watch the stars. I was up till around 3am or later. I don’t remember. But it’s a process to say the least.  To walk in the glory of the most high. I almost forgot what this felt like.

To let go and let God. 

The sun is shining. The birds are actually singing and I’ve been set free to feel it’s beautiful embrace. 👐

HAPPY Sunday beautiful creatures! Enjoy this life (it’s yours)

C.L Cunningham 

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Through a looking glass 

Sunlight hits the windows of my mind

The heat of the universe touches my inner soul with fragments of a broken matrix

Why are

Why I am intertwined but your essence?

And why does the view here seem so distorted?

Trying to reach for you in the mist but you fade away

Are you real?

Are you pieces of geometric proportions?

Can I see you?

Without the outer shell of reality 

Will you unveil your intentions?

Does my love for you unveil mine?

Is this truth magnified? Or am I still dreaming?

C.L Cunningham 

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Is it real?

I tend to think in scientific ways and imagine different ideals. I like movies that go beyond the galaxy in thinking. I’m saying this because I like to test the ability to do certain things.

Like the movie The Last Airbender the ability to move air and earth. Maybe even things with your mind or hands etc etc. I was so excited to do some research and find exercises to do some of those things. I don’t know it will fully work but how exciting to try fun and cool scientific thinking.

What’s more enlightening than abstract or creative thinking. The imagination is one of our best tools according to creative thinkers. So have fun think outside the box and imagine the coolest stuff you can!

Love n light

C.L Cunningham 

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My city 


I’ve traveled around and have gotten to call many cities my city. But my birth city is good ol Kansas City, Missouri. I spent many a summer here with family and friends.

My self appointed home city is Omaha, Nebraska. Home of my Cornhuskers!!!!!!🌽 I spent most of my life in the city of Omaha.

There’s a special place in my heart for Omaha. I’ve lived in Bellevue and Plattsmouth, Ne but Omaha is where I have my gratitude for. I learned ballet in that city. It opened my eyes to the beauty of the Arts.

But like all cities my city has it problems. Problems that I’m not going to focus on right now. Because there will always be problems. We need more solutions.

I made a list of things I’d like to see in not just my city but in all cites.

  • Not more police protection but better police protection.
  • Education that is great for all districts. Education that is advancing as the world advances
  • Affordable housing for all economic groups
  • Healthy foods in all areas of the city
  • Clean water for every living creature
  • Volunteer workers for after school programs
  • Jobs for all areas
  • Transportation that reaches everywhere. Every city should be connected

Child predator awareness taught in daycare, schools and churches ( I’m tired of folks raping children and nobody is saying anything)

Okay I’m getting off my soapbox but I hope if enough of us demand more from our cities. Then more of us will be living in cities that we are proud of.

C. L Cunningham

Activist (maybe)

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Oh my 

So I should be sleep. I literally have to leave soon and I haven’t been sleep. 

But someone just made it aware to me that I can come off as a bit of a bitch.Uh here’s the thing…I already know. 

I’m not purposely trying to be a bitch. My personality is aggressive at times and sometimes I just don’t think about it. I mean if what I am saying doesn’t pertain to you..

My friends know to be like.. look at it from this point of view. Or just agree to disagree and move on.

I literally am the girl who had a whole group of people male and female chanting “we hate Candy” in job corps. My friend Bree can tell this in a way more hilarious way. But the point I’m making is that sometimes unknowingly and sometimes knowingly…I can be a bitch.

So if I ever wronged you on accident I sincerely apologize. If I wronged you on purpose I kinda apologize depending on what you did 😂. Nah I’m kidding. I apologize to you too because that ain’t right.  

I’m old as a fuck and I’m just trying to clean out my karma and chill seriously. 

Ps. My family just laughs or bags back. I just broke on (told a mean joke about)  my cousin’s two year old early today. She laughed but just in case..sorry cousin I love you boo!

C. L Cunningham 

Okay maybe now I can go to sleep💤