Ego trip

Woke up with a new attitude. A good one. Happy to feel grounded instead in a celestial state at all times.  Got up to call around for a reality job. Well that’s what I call a job that isn’t pursuing your God given talents. Or your DNA embedded talent for my non believing friends.  As…Read more »

A way of life

I woke up today to good news. Yasss the universe has finally smiled down on me. The divine has blessed me and made California finally feel like a place I can call myself a resident. I’d say home but we’ll see about that.  I went looking for a place. Hoping and praying I find what…Read more »

Mysterious Mystical 

Mystic INFJ.  I believe that I achieved some form of becoming mystical. The third eye opening. Awakening the mind’s creativity to the point that all attainable information can be found. Stored. Expelled back into the universe and then experienced in a form in which my psyche could hold it. Anything that I could imagine I…Read more »

Mirror image 

Hiding the underlined reasoning for the pictures on the screen. Living and breathing creatures being suffocated by doctrine.    Today is an amazing chill Monday. Did a couple of poems and a couple of quotes.  Looked over some things and finally ate lunch. Fish and rice. Steamed and easy on the tummy.  Excited for new…Read more »