Grateful little stories 

Early morning and time again for a subtle change. Winter storms and days enjoying cold fronts are becoming my new normal here in Nebraska.      A vast difference from the heat of the West coast.  I’m thinking of all the stories that have touched my life. The stories that have given me insight and inspiration.…Read more »

The power of knowledge 

Energy moves. The brain is transmitting information constantly. Even though it doesn’t seem like it is.     Thoughts are gold. Thoughts are some of the most priceless things that we own. They create the past, present, and future. I imagine a world where the earth is coming together for the greater good of the next…Read more »

Nighttime poetry 

 Teeny tiny story of a world unperceived. Underneath the glory of the light inside all human beings. Filled up with spirit deep down into souls. Giving divine comfort for all who waywardly flow.‬  Sending unspoken knowledge. Attention to the truth no one knows.  Letting the galaxies collide and still searching for a map that even…Read more »

Life’s enrichment

noun1. the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something. “enrichment of the soil for more plant growth”✨    Sitting at the kitchen table I start to ponder on a thought. Why can’t I access visions or dreams that I felt like were promised to me previously. During this process of enlightenment…Read more »