Life’s enrichment

noun1. the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something. “enrichment of the soil for more plant growth”✨    Sitting at the kitchen table I start to ponder on a thought. Why can’t I access visions or dreams that I felt like were promised to me previously. During this process of enlightenment…Read more »

Love saw it arrive

Pleasure and painful occurrences. The double sided coin of forget and forgive. Thursday is no different from the rest.  A testimony to the strife of daily activities and corrupted communication gaps.    Either way the day still has to motor through into nightfall. There’s no stopping that. Since I kind of have my feelings on…Read more »

That comes

I  Want everything that comes with you. The late nights and early mornings.  The secret rendezvous in plain sight. The phantom phone calls and magic mind fogs of inspiration. Dancing in the middle of parallel dimensions for your eyes only.    I Need to feel your thoughts.  To feel sweat prickling on my skin. Glistening…Read more »