Access granted 

Protecting the unprotected.  Beautiful.  Namaste.    I love it when someone teaches me how to protect my soul and spirit. It’s a blessing to receive a message. I stopped in on another one of my day ones today. I went to church today y’all.  Whaaat.  It’s been her family’s church for decades and I called…Read more »

October is breast cancer awareness month 

  It’s the wonderful month of October and along with harvest fun. There’s a big issue still plaguing many women. Breast Cancer.  Early detection is the key so please do a self check every month.  The  national breast cancer website  has great information and a free guide on having healthy breast. Please spread awareness, or…Read more »

Ego trip

Woke up with a new attitude. A good one. Happy to feel grounded instead in a celestial state at all times.  Got up to call around for a reality job. Well that’s what I call a job that isn’t pursuing your God given talents. Or your DNA embedded talent for my non believing friends.  As…Read more »

A way of life

I woke up today to good news. Yasss the universe has finally smiled down on me. The divine has blessed me and made California finally feel like a place I can call myself a resident. I’d say home but we’ll see about that.  I went looking for a place. Hoping and praying I find what…Read more »