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I guess some assume that love has no worries…

Someone tweeted a question. Is love a feeling or choice? I say that love is both. And so much more.

Love looks different to different people. 

Love is an indescribable immeasurable notion. 

It’s ever changing but remains the same.

It’s the power to move on and it’s the power to move forward. 

The love I have for God is spiritual. It sends light in darkness and hope in sadness. And goodness in kindness.

The love I have for others is heartfelt and pushes my barriers to care above my own selfish ego.

The love I have for him… well…

C. L Cunningham 

Ever growing. Ever changing. Forever grateful. 


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Are you entertained?

It’s a lazy Sunday.  I washed clothes, checked social media, and watched some Netflix. 

My daughter has been begging me to watch black mirror. So I finally gave in and all I have to say is bravo. 

It’s an eye opening show for certain. 

There’s things in this world that are going on right in front of the naked eye.

We are seeing with our eyes and not seeing with our minds. We are not putting two and two together. 

It’s like walking into a glass door that was right in front of you but you didn’t notice it. 

As information is put out for us we are disbelieving and even cocky with laughter. 

When will we be ready to grow in our lives and hearts to understand that everyone is able to be their best self. 

Don’t let the things you seen weigh you down. 

Let’s pick up the positive energy. Show strength in coming together with your communities. With each other everyday.

We are absolutely ready for positive change. But we must first be the positive change. 

C. L Cunningham 

Sending you all love and light 💖

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Ha ha ha

I laugh as this day takes twist and turns.

The uncertainty that wants me to be certain. 

The push that I forecasted early in the day coming into fruition.

The pat on my back for myself when I was able to push through. 

See that’s the big joke of it all.

The things placed into your day to cause you distress.

To cause one to lose it and downward spiral all that negative energy into the atmosphere. 

Thankfully today I’m continuing to push myself to a positive reminder. 

C. L Cunningham 

Pushing through and focusing on the positive side. 

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Dawn or what some call daybreak is beginning…

My soul has elevated and my choice has remained the same.


Shape shifted and lifted from below the light that shines still shines for you.

Wrong or right…it is what it is.

Hopefully the blessings from above will carry me through. 

C. L Cunningham 

It’s a new day 💛 happy Sunday 


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I just received an email that asked me to watch a Jim Carrey YouTube video. 

He spoke of his awakening and another spoke about intention.  I always tell others and myself that your intentions are showing your true self.

If you are doing something out of love well then you’re trying to be a lovely human and most people will get that vibe from you. But if your doing something out of greed or harm or anything negative.  Most people will be able to see that also.

Everyday we intend on something. We wake up with some goal or plan for the day. As the day takes it’s course we may get distracted or of what we wanted was important enough we accomplish the day’s intention.

Wether we intend good or bad things our thoughts shape our lives. Our thoughts created the lives we live now.

I tend to look back on my thoughts and how I’ve come to be where I am today. I know that the plans for my life hasn’t always worked out. The most important thing is that I also know why they didn’t work out.  

I  haven’t always had the best intentions. And when I do sometimes what I thought I wanted I no longer want.

 I’m starting to feel like my ever changing choices keep changing my direction of my life thus constantly changing my intentions. 

I almost want to yell at the universe like “what are you doing !” The problem is that it’s not the universe’s fault that I have no set destination. 

I don’t know where my life is going…

I can’t seem to decide anything that I want. And I’m confused constantly because I always changing direction. I’m starting to feel like a navigator without a map.

C. L Cunningham 

Still changing everyday 

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It’s 3:29 in the am and I just finished watching Almost Christmas. It’s a movie that came out around my birthday which is very close to Christmas time.

I’m up laughing a little too hard and maybe a little too loud 😹. I just can’t help myself. When I hear something that I think is funny I have to laugh. And unfortunately for me it doesn’t matter where or what time in the wee bit early morning. 

I’m glad I got to watch the movie again. It gave me the same happiness and smiles that I got on my birthday when I took myself alone to the movie theater to see it for the first time. I walked out happy then and I’m surprisingly happy now. 

See I may not be where I want to be but I’m still enjoying myself along the journey. 

There’s a saying that most doesn’t count. But sometimes almost is the entrance to the next or the right direction when we were close to achieving a dream, but needed more instruction. In a part of the movie the Dad said “help others and if you can’t help them then at least don’t hurt them”.

I’ve almost done a lot of things. Some were good and some were bad. Some were helpful some were hurtful. I’m growing and learning each day to become a better person. And each time I’ve had to get out here and figure it out. Sometimes  almost having something gave me more time to figure out life’s equations. 
C.L Cunningham 

Almost where I want to be but enjoying the present moment when I can