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There’s something comfortable about being out in the night sky…

Dusty breeze and an instant night light from the moon.

I tend to look up anytime I’m outside. Day or night. It’s just that nighttime brings out all the glitter in the sky.

From far away the stars sparkle so bright. 

I’m going to enjoy this late night treat maybe listen to some tunes and let the breeze fill my soul with a calming gentle touch. 

C.L Cunningham 

Goodnight 🌙🌟

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In life there is the ideal of two sides to a coin. In my case two sides to a story or situation. 

Many of our struggles have two sides. Winning or losing.  One day you might have a great day and one day it feels like,the weight of the world is on top of you. 

They teach us to be good sports. Not to be sore losers in school. But what about in life? 

How do we be good losers in day to day situations?

You turn on the news and you hear the things we are taking a loss on daily.  Loss of life. Loss of finances. Loss of resources. Loss of relationships. Loss of hope.

And everybody has a loss in their lives at some point. This world isn’t always full of kindness. 

When you go to work and you got looked over for that promotion. When you have a disagreement and it’s not looking good for your viewpoint. When a business deal crumbles. When you want something that you can’t have. When you have something stolen from you. 

These types of loss aren’t considered things that we should be viewing as loss. These things are supposed to be glanced over and forgotten. But there are a lot of people who don’t forget. The feeling of losing in being stored up and tallied instead. The aftermath of loss could be damaging to the soul.

Today I ask for peace in my losing situations. To still put a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart. To not be a sore loser, but a way maker even when I don’t see the way. 

The sun is always shining somewhere. And sometimes what looks like a loss may actually be a win.

C. L Cunningham 

Using my loses as stepping stones 

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All I wanted 

All I wanted to do is be with you. I would’ve taken any position had ya given me one.

What’s flashing lights and fancy cars to a girl who has nothing…nothing.  It’s nothing to me.

Help the world…yeah because the world needs help. Smile when you’re crying…sure ok. If I have someone to run to. Someone to lean on.

This time I ask for saving grace. To heal my heart and lighten my steps. To make me smile and thicken these thighs. And maybe once send me my soulmate so I can finally fall in love.

C L Cunningham 💋

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The war within 

I’m literally my worst enemy. I’ve known that for a lonnnnng time. I always wondered why certain people followed nobody on social media. Like how fun is that. But I’m slowly finding out it that it’s not just who you follow that makes it enjoyable. It’s how you internalized what you see. 

I’m soft. I like soft shit (still working on my cursing) and I I like rainbows and butterflies. Hell I like being naive. Just let me skip my wack ass into traffic if it means not putting me down in the process of saving me. 

I like my sarcasm and bf’s (bitch fits). In saying those things. I know there’s things to change and a better way to be. I’m human contrary to popular belief. Maybe human with a twist 😂. 

Everyone has a good and bad side that’s duality. And sometimes my bad out weighs my good. I’m still working on being true to that either way. I’m thankful for God, still even on my sad days. But I don’t want to be a fake Christian. I want to be real in my walk toward Christ. If I hide the bad then I’m denying many people to see that you can start bad and actually end up good. Plus me without 🌬 is just uncivilized at this moment. Doesn’t mean I won’t stop just means I’m not ready for that part yet. 

If I’m any proof at all. I’m proof the struggle is real and fight is literally happening everyday. I’m moody, I’m happy, I’m goofy, I’m semi attractive, I’m annoying, I’m funny (at least to myself) but I’m here. Most of all I’m just like any of you. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

C. L Cunningham

Mistake maker

 (I’m gonna have to forgive myself for most of this post😂)

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I seen a vlog yesterday and the man spoke of moments where you have a epiphany. And he spoke about higher senses of self. Or third eye awakening. He has a pretty cool take on the universe.Infinate Water vlog has been helping me think different from my regular kind of dreary self motivating self. 

Well today I had a thought or epiphany. What is the universal governmental forces? And it lead me to a letter recomposed from a website siting Albert Einstein as the author. It was a letter wrote to his daughter that had passed on at the age of three. I don’t know if it was written before or after her death because I didn’t research it. Honestly I didn’t question it’s authenticity in the moment. 

I just read it.

It talked about how the universe or planet earth (can’t remember which ) could heal itself with love. And then it said that if E=Mc2 then love was the speed of light times two. 

So I said to myself “what is the speed of light? I got a parameter ideal which consisted of two different numbers. Got an answer for each and then times them together. 

What I got was a big ass number in miles 7.62101251E+23 m/s. (I’m not sure if the math is right.)

If Love ❤️ is the driving force of life to the point that it’s an gigantic number to measure,then why isn’t everyone doing it? We are…..

Doing it I mean. We love everything. But are the things that we’re loving killing us? Our spirits, our hopes,our dreams…

For a long time I thought suicide was the answer for all my pain. Suicide is one of our best used tools. We use everything to kill ourselves and call it living. 

I’m slowly finding out that the way I’m living is causing my energy to slowly snuff out of this planet. Almost like letting my light not shine anymore. I said months ago that I wanted to love more. Thank God and the universe for continuously showing me the way to live in love and light because I can sometimes get off track. 

C.L Cunningham

Just traveling my path

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Pissed off and the INFJ

So I looked up some stuff about being an INFJ. On blog sites we are saying I’m misunderstood. People basically don’t understand me or hate my fricken guts…basically.

So then I look up INFJ and hate. I get to a blog right here on WordPress. And there were fifty reasons this person hated INFJ’s.  FIFTY!!!!!!!!!!!

So how do we feel confident in a world that hates OUR guts? 

We just have to until we get to pass on. There’s something better always. Maybe one day you will piss someone off but you also make someone laugh. 

Everyone goes through it. We might just get it a little more than others but it doesn’t mean they don’t get stepped on too. 

Everyone gets hurt. We just drag it out but mostly because  we see injustice and will fight for what is right. But people like us better when we are doing it for them.

We are super confident. Like uber confident 😂 I mean we REALLY like ourselves. 

Keep that. Hell we need it. Especially if there’s fifty reasons to hate us.

I’m actually really excited to be an INFJ. I’m sad it took me this long to figure it out. I’d like to reach out to more of you. If anyone knows of a support group could you email me. If anyone has tips on fitting in or blending in could you email me also. I believe the email link is attached to my bio. (Hopefully) 

C.L Cunningham 

I’m INFJ 💛

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Spontaneous post

Sometimes I sit and wonder.. rather YHWH is waiting on us.

I probably said that backwards. I tend to do that. It’s my youngest son’s language. That’s how we communicate. I usually correct him after so he knows the way society wants him to respond, but at home he’s allowed to be himself. Maybe the world will change and that won’t be necessary anymore.

But back to my thought. For everyone who believes in a higher power. Is God waiting on us to do better before he fixes it? To prove we deserve it?

And for everyone who believes in science insert the universe. Or our universal core.

Is the world,universe,spiritual ream, etc. waiting on us to do better? To deserve the Paradise we have all been promised? No matter if that’s in heaven or here on earth.

C. L Cunningham

Up too late just thinking about stuff.