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I’m actively looking for an apartment. We have been staying with family and now that I have decided to split from my marriage. The housing situation has become strained.

I got a wonderful email from someone renting an apartment. It was heartfelt and God inspiring. He accepted my application and I felt relief and joy. But when he asked for me to send the money via money gram my heart broke. Even money gram tells you not to send money for business transactions unless it’s a known source.  So I ask the man for his full contact info. Especially since he’s going to be my landlord and he resides out of town. He told me that the transaction was going to be in his Secretary’s name. And still never let me have his name and contact info.

Call me a skeptic but I have very limited funds. I’m barely affording the move since it’s summer break and work doesn’t start until August. I have no room for errors to put it honestly. And since he was mailing the keys and my rental agreement I would have assumed he was going to want to give me his info for any prior monthly property issues. Guess that I assumed wrong.

I may still need a place to go but I’m definitely not in the position to accidentally take any unnecessary losses. I’m not sure if I can afford a hotel room for a month but I definitely can’t afford to lose any more time.

A continued rental hunt is ahead and hopefully it will lead to a nice domain.

It’s okay to be skeptical about the things you and your family invest in. Be comfortable with checking and even double checking anything that sends a red flag in your body. Trust your instincts and pray that you have the right answers. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Happy Friday y’all!

C. L Cunningham

Still finding my way

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The sun is shining…..I tend to say that a lot….

It’s to continuously remind myself to look at the bright side of things.

I’m uber emotional. I mean seriously. I laugh as I say that because it’s one of the best parts of me.

It let’s me know where it hurts in my spirit so I can identify it and fix it. It brings me joy in the morning. 

I’m thankful for things placed before me that help me grow. I’m thankful for experience or the lack there of. I’m thankful for guidance when I can’t get out of my own way and I’m thankful for love. 

United energy for the purpose of beauty. 

It’s a beautiful day baby, enjoy it…

C.L Cunningham 

Always looking for the sunshine ☉

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I saw something today saying International day of purpose. Which is such an awesome ideal. Especially when you’re looking for what your purpose is. This gives a reason to continue looking.

Even if you’ve found your purpose the thought of sharing it with the world is amazing!!

So today cast your worries to the side for a while and share a bit of your purpose today loves….

C. L Cunningham

Wishing you all 🌐Peace and transparency

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Today has been a slow one.  I’m working on my hobby turned passion. Which is writing novellas.  It was the love of writing small books or novels,that lead me to writing this blog.

I’m always excited when a piece of my work is available online.  It’s the beauty that I’ve accomplished something. Just a small piece of my creativity floating around the atmosphere. 

Tonight live in peace and happiness. Find a little bit of something you love and enjoy it.

Have a great night everyone

C.L Cunningham 

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In life there is the ideal of two sides to a coin. In my case two sides to a story or situation. 

Many of our struggles have two sides. Winning or losing.  One day you might have a great day and one day it feels like,the weight of the world is on top of you. 

They teach us to be good sports. Not to be sore losers in school. But what about in life? 

How do we be good losers in day to day situations?

You turn on the news and you hear the things we are taking a loss on daily.  Loss of life. Loss of finances. Loss of resources. Loss of relationships. Loss of hope.

And everybody has a loss in their lives at some point. This world isn’t always full of kindness. 

When you go to work and you got looked over for that promotion. When you have a disagreement and it’s not looking good for your viewpoint. When a business deal crumbles. When you want something that you can’t have. When you have something stolen from you. 

These types of loss aren’t considered things that we should be viewing as loss. These things are supposed to be glanced over and forgotten. But there are a lot of people who don’t forget. The feeling of losing in being stored up and tallied instead. The aftermath of loss could be damaging to the soul.

Today I ask for peace in my losing situations. To still put a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart. To not be a sore loser, but a way maker even when I don’t see the way. 

The sun is always shining somewhere. And sometimes what looks like a loss may actually be a win.

C. L Cunningham 

Using my loses as stepping stones 

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Power of 

The power of anger has been able to break down communities, leadership and even countries. 

I have it, you have it even little bitty babies have it. The driving force of anger is fear. Fear gives birth to hate,sadness, guilt, etc. I didn’t associate those at first. I just assumed they were all different but really they are more of the same thing we don’t want.  I may feel sadness when I look at certain things or hear something that I don’t like. But it stems from the fear of. Fear that my world around me isn’t getting better.  But it actually is. I see it in commercials. Telling me to be myself and love it. I see it in movies that ask for love and send a peaceful message.  I see it in lovers, families that are enjoying each other, and even in nature. 

Today is crazy hot and I  have no air like so many others but I’m still smiling and learning new things and trying to be positive. 

Maybe today you can’t change. Maybe your heartbroken, grief ridden, depressed, or unappreciated. Maybe today your caught up in the world around you.  That’s okay. We all get in that space sometimes. 

I just want anyone reading this to take 3 seconds just 3. And breathe deep and say I love you. To yourself. Whisper it for 3 seconds and blow out. 

The world may not be ready for unity. You may not be ready for unity. 

So for now start with you. Your love, your spark for passion. If even something is bringing you down at least you know that you loved for 3 seconds. Start at 3 add more whenever you can. Then let it resonate off you. This road is tuff. Enlightenment feels lonely sometimes but it’s worthy of a try.

Happy father’s day to the fathers.