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I saw something today saying International day of purpose. Which is such an awesome ideal. Especially when you’re looking for what your purpose is. This gives a reason to continue looking.

Even if you’ve found your purpose the thought of sharing it with the world is amazing!!

So today cast your worries to the side for a while and share a bit of your purpose today loves….

C. L Cunningham

Wishing you all 🌐Peace and transparency

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I woke up today energized.  Well almost energized. And I got on the path to determination. I’m trying not to procrastinate so determination is all I have left in me at the moment. 

I handled most of my business and the heat started to begin (feels like summer has officially started☉🌼) and I started to head back. I don’t know if it was the heat that got to me or the troubles on my mind. But I started to feel weary. To be made tired. I  still finished getting some more info. And I delayed some things for a better time.

I decided to take a nap. Well really I wasn’t sure if it was a nap or and all dayer (this isn’t a real word I just like the sound of it). But when I awoke I expected to feel bad or at least the same. And for some reason I didn’t. I feel lil off balance but ultimately my mind is thinking about better days. 

I’m working on continuous improvement. I’m believing in a higher power and I’m focusing on love. 

C. L Cunningham 

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Letting go

I read a book that said reality isn’t really reality. Take the curtain down and forgive everything you see.

So I forgive it all.

The violence, the fear, the hate, the sadness and the pain.

I fell in love with a super star. I’m still in love. But who wouldn’t be. He’s fiiiine. Guess I’ll buy myself a poster. He got the number in his dm tho. (Just in case)

I’m working on my health. That’s important even po people got to look out for their health. I found my passion.  I hope my mind movie reaches my dreams. Maybe happier endings existence. I mean I’m still happy now. My heart is full and my job is done.


Going to find a rainbow 🌈

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It was all a dream pt.2

Mr.Big shot walks over to staircase and smiles a Chester Cheetos smile. Trying to stay cool and look unamused I smirk and say “where have ya been all my life big head?”

He gets his bass in his voice and says “who you calling big head? Your head is bigger than mine”. I instantly begin to laugh loud. A little too loud. Trying to not look completely foolish I offer him a hit of my smoke. He tells me “nah I’m good ” and reaches for my hand.

Me being me I slap it away and say “stranger danger, where are you trying to take me?” He looks at me sideways like he’s not used to hearing no and points upward. I’m thinking “he’ll no, not upstairs we’re not”. But I instead say “oh” “well put out your hand again then.” This time he laughs and replies “f*** that”. Both laughing I grab his arm and stand up.

He’s much taller in person and less intimidating than I imagined. I step to the side and say “lead the way ol wise one”. Shaking his head he leads me upstairs to a quiet room. The room has big curtains on the wall and fancy crap all around it. I keep my elbows in as if I’m a child on a field trip to the museum. 

He must see that I’m a little uncomfortable and ask what’s wrong. A little embarrassed I say “well you’ve got some pretty expensive stuff in here. He shakes his head vigorously. “Not my sh**, I rented the house for the party.” 

Feeling a little better I say “well what if I break something?” He responded “if you break it I bought it, so try not to break sh**” I give him a soldier salute and say “sir, yes sir”. We both laugh and he motions for me to sit on the couch. 

Now if this was high school I would’ve belly flopped on that thang. But since it isn’t my smart ass sits in the chair next to the couch. He makes a face and ask “so you scared of me”. I reply “oh yeah buddy, I done heard all the media gossip and the jury is out and they say you a hoe”. He looks me straight in the eyes and says ” I am, but I’m not trying to be tonight.”

I think oh wow the one time he should be he’s not going to be…great just my luck.

C.L Cunningham 

To be continued….

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A calling

As I lay here thinking and watching different preachers on this Sunday afternoon I find myself wondering what is spirituality? One definition is: the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

I noticed that no where in that definition is God. 

I’m embarking on my on mental journey. I’ve been taught that the love of God starts in the mind. In the mind is also ego. In the mind there’s no one else but you. Your thoughts, your truth and your evil. Your soul attaches to the body. The mind is different so to speak. Example your body doesn’t tell the mind what to do. The mind tells the body what to do but if you have a wounded mind well eventually you will have a weakened body. 

My focus right is on the mind’s journey. I watched Rev Run speak and watched how Joel Osteen speaks. I watched Martin Luther King and read a blog “5 ways to transform negative self talk” online with In an effort to learn how to express my walk or journey better. Rev Run said something along he lines of walk the talk or walk the walk and talk the talk. My understanding of it is to mean what you say by showing it in your life. 

The way of the Lord is through forgiveness and love. That begins in your mind by solely yourself. Nobody stands with you but God at enlightenment. Being spiritual is a soul thing. But being godly well that’s a mentality. 

Talking positively about yourself and others. Can free your spiritual as well as your mental. But forgive yourself when that doesn’t happen. This is the reality of a death driven life. But it can be lived in a life given way. I’m still learning and a lot of my speaking is self geared because I am also seeking to put the kingdom of God first. But we all have the availability to achieve greatness in Christ who strengthens us. Ours (a word I’m learning to use in these post thanks to a little help😉) is a life divine. I mean that by putting God first in every mental moment you have leads to the peace that surpasses all understanding. I got a chance to feel that for the first time. 

My words are my calling card so to speak and I am working on using them in a way that is more inviting so please bare with me on this journey. I had no idea my life was changing in this direction so please send me your prayers because I am going to need them. 🙏🏼 

I believe in the powers of love and understanding. I am but a prodigal son finding the way back home. Home is where the heart is as the book that I am reading points out. And that home is with God. 

C.L Cunningham 

Wishing you and everyone a happy Sunday 

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The Queen of the F word

I’m deep diving into the wonderful book that I bought at the library. It’s seemly abstract way of telling a story is teaching me wonderful new ideas for my life. 

Normally the skeptic I decided to read it with no judgement. I wanted to just attain any knowledge that it could bestow me. I’m halfway through the book and I’m so grateful to the writer Gary R Renard. His dedication to writing it shows me that some journeys take longer than others and that I need to forgive myself for any guilt that I place on myself daily. 

Like the guilt I felt for being a procrastinator. It’s being forgotten because I’m not mad at it. It will soon be forgotten because I would have forgiven it. 

As I continue to forgive myself and other things I will ultimately find what I’m looking for. My new F word is forgiveness. 

C. L Cunningham 

Living a new way everyday (happy Friday ya’ll 😉🌥)

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Through a looking glass 

Sunlight hits the windows of my mind

The heat of the universe touches my inner soul with fragments of a broken matrix

Why are

Why I am intertwined but your essence?

And why does the view here seem so distorted?

Trying to reach for you in the mist but you fade away

Are you real?

Are you pieces of geometric proportions?

Can I see you?

Without the outer shell of reality 

Will you unveil your intentions?

Does my love for you unveil mine?

Is this truth magnified? Or am I still dreaming?

C.L Cunningham