Musical strength 


Music can heal. It can express how someone feels and it can give light in dark times. 

I often have my headphones on and I allow myself to get lost in a song or a station on Pandora. 

I use music to mediate and to drown out the world around me. 

I’m grateful that it is Day 21! It’s gratitude January and today’s question is what song am I grateful for? 

The song I’m for is Trouble of the world by Mahalia Jackson. I heard it first from my great grandma. It officially became my favorite song after watching the movie Imitation of Life. 

I’m thankful for another Sunday and I hope everyone is having amazing blessings and positivity filling their minds. 
C.L Cunningham 

Video courtesy of YouTube 

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  1. Yes! Music is awesome and it can create so many different moods. Fun to get carried away on a good tune. It could be the Melody, the Beat or really good voices that have great harmony. I like mostly 50’s-60s Rock, 80s Rock and a group of 4 or 5 musicians playing “kinda bluesy-jazz”. This one, is more of a country-rockish song but, to me, it has a nice, “cruising down the freeway on a summer day” feeling to it. I also post music (and other topics) in my Blog. Here’s “Big Dreams in a Small Town” by Restless Heart.

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