The importance of this vessel 

They say the body is a temple. If focused on the betterment of my health I would assume that it could be called that. 

I also would suppose that if not handled with care it could also be a tomb. 

I’m grateful for the vessel. For this body in all of its splendid splendor. For the legs that move me. The organs that keep me alive. The arms that are used for hugging and the hands that are the pencils of my mind. 

Physical attributes are little special pieces of DNA coded by our family history. I love the ones that remind me of each parent and grandparent. 

My gratitude is formed when I do each yoga stretch and when I take each steps toward a new life. 

Happiness is taking time to enjoy my body with all its kinks and quirks. 

Day 16 of grateful January and the question is what about your body are you grateful for?

From my brain to my toes I love my body. I’m grateful for all the blessings it has given me. I’m grateful that it still pushes pass limits and provides me with my best assets. My heart and soul. 

Today I ask you to express gratitude for your vessel even with its limitations it is a gift and a joy. 

C. L Cunningham 

It’s a another no school day for us and I hope today is a great day for everyone 🌞
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