The nature of my soul 

Grateful for this day. Day six of January. I’m enjoying the small things to be grateful for. Today the question is what things in nature am I grateful for. 

This one is tough for me because I have so many things that I’m grateful for. I’m absolutely in love with clouds. The colors and the way they effortlessly float pass the nonsense of the world and add mystery to the sky. 

I’m grateful for the sun. The way it shines and brings bright rays of sparkle to the darkness. I’m grateful for the stars and the moon. La luna. I love the twinkle of them. The way they radiate and send me a glimmer of hope for something more. I dance by the moonlight and shine in the sunshine. 

I’m grateful for the ocean. Even though I’m not a swimmer I love the separate world beneath the earth’s vision. A little secret world only for the most amazing creatures. 

I feel like there’s so much beauty on this planet from animals to elements. What are you grateful for from nature?
C.L Cunningham 

Have a wondrous Saturday 💋

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