How gratitude helps 

Having a grateful heart starts with allowing oneself to enjoy life. 

Let me explain.

Alarm goes off and instead of regretting the to do list for your day. You take a moment to appreciate the truth. You’re alive to see the day unfold.  This gives you the opportunity for something new and wonderful to happen in that day.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re smiling other people tend to smile. Suddenly the world is smiling with you and not at you. 

How about when you say thank you for the simplest thing. The person receiving the thank you brightens up just a little. Their mood changes even for a moment and it’s enlightening. 

I don’t have any real resolutions for the year. No huge expectations for it either. I’m thankful and grateful for the gift of life. A joy of writing and my trusty but untrusty IPad. It allows me to do quick research and fast jotting in the heat of information.

Today I give myself permission to be myself and to enjoy every minute of this day. I love the spirit of zen that I receive when I let go and indulge myself with gratitude for life, loved ones, and blessings. 

It’s day 2 of the 30 days of gratitude and I ask you what kind of technology are you grateful for?

Feel free to write it down. I love hearing from you all. 

C.L Cunningham 

Sending you positive vibes and blessings 

Namaste 🌼

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2 thoughts on “How gratitude helps 

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  1. Gratitude is a simple, uplifting practice, and I am often not grateful enough (hard for me to be consistent with it), but thank you for reminding me to practice it.. One piece of technology I’m grateful for my phone–specifically the music player in it. Music has done so much for me, calms me and inspires me and reminds me of things I would otherwise neglect.

    Have a good year ahead! 🙂

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    1. I too am a fan of music. It helps to have anything that reminds us to relax and enjoy the simplicity of life 💙 thank you for your comment. I hope your year is wonderful also.

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