Winter is settling in and the cold is digging deeper down. Funny how when you walk away from or move on from something there’s a tug to pull you back. 

Call it universal, call it the devil. Call it anything you want but the energy around sticking to a decision is powerful. 

At a time when spirits are high on cups of cheer and merry jingles the sinister side of the world tends to show up. 

Let it snow or grow cold and freeze out the frequent frequencies of negative roadblocks. Choices for the betterment of your soul is of utmost importance. Time clocks can always be reset if resetting is required. For now I sit in the absolute certainty of my gratitude. 

Grateful for choosing the path that is right for my life right now. I know exactly what I want to see to make any more changes. As soon as I see them, then I’ll know the time has come for particular visions to come into view. I don’t need outside insight when I was given the answers months ago my choice to ignore them got me in a dark place. It’s taken me backwards and I had to work to get to where I am now. At the beginning of the same story with better results. 

It works for me. I’m chasing destiny. I’m giving love. I’m sharing my story in my way. I can’t ask for much more. If I’m not living in gratitude now how will I enjoy life later? It feels good to not cry. To smile and laugh at the moments before and after the storm. Dance in the moonlight and bask in the sun. Life is beautiful. I’m being blessed with another year passed. Another 365 that I survived. Thank goodness!

Amen. To life unexpected. I released resentment for so many pains. I’m appreciative for the push to greatness. Everyone who has helped along the way I appreciate them. Even the ones who had their own reasons for why they didn’t continue on the journey with me. I’ve left the door open for those people to choose where they wanted to be. I ended up standing on my own. It’s helping me grow. Sometimes it’s time to let go of the hand pulling you up and start climbing the mountain by yourself. A partnership is only a part of your story. Send those beautiful spirits off in love. Send them peace and blessings. Pray for their greatness and walk into yours. If ever you meet again greet them with smiles and thankfulness. Blessed is a life with happiness. 

Today I send you all heartfelt thoughts. I pray that your journeys are blessings and healing for your hearts. 

C.L Cunningham 

It’s a great day to have a great day. 

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8 thoughts on “Grateful 

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  1. Hi Kandee, just thought I should ask you about how my posts come across?

    What energy can you detect from my writings?

    Do you have any suggestions on how I can make my posts better?

    Or, is there anything you think I should know about my writing?

    I will very much appreciate a feedback in this regard. Thanks.

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    1. Did something happen recently to give you a change in perception?

      Your post are interesting, intellectual and full of insight but there’s a energy behind them that is unsettled. Are you struggling with something within? Emotionally?

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      1. Thanks Kandee, this feedback means alot.

        Change in perspective ? Yes, was a staunch Roman Catholic until recently and having to realize that my beliefs didn’t suit me, after series of painful experiences, was traumatic…..and am still healing and struggling to just forgive everybody especially those who raised me this way.

        Perhaps, I haven’nt made peace with all these and all the terrible decisions I’d made with that mindset.

        But, am a work in progress;I keep moving.

        Thanks, once again, Kandee…… I am grateful.

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      2. I’m sorry to hear that. I too grew up in one religion and switched again, then switched to no religion at all. I’m left with a divine relationship with the highest of highs and a complete blessing of knowledge connecting me to the spiritual world. It is a painful journey. Hope your well. Forgiveness is the best medicine and if you can center your mind on your walk the more gentle you are with yourself the more peaceful your life becomes. #namaste 🙏🏼

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      3. Yes I am well.

        Instead of forgiveness, I use the word ignore. So, I just pay attention to what I want for my soul, in each moment, and ignore every other thing.

        I am also learning to be gentle on myself; thank you for including that –especially. Plus, this will help me get gentle with others as well.

        Thank you Kandee for sharing your story.

        Feels good to know you am not alone.

        Thank you.


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