Just woke up and it’s already a day for victories. I had a mommy moment of happiness. I always feel wonderful when one of my kids elevate themselves. I don’t always know if the information that I’m pumping into them is received and today I got confirmation! 


Sleepy and tired still I’m feeling the want to rest. Yesterday I was running on 3 1/2 hrs sleep so the snooze button is still in my soul at this time. 

It’s Tuesday the 5th which means my birthday is in 4 more days…..yay…meh.

I’m old as ever but still a sassy pants… go figure. I keep getting older and more spicy 🌶 el caliente if I do say so myself. That’s a figurative collar pop lol. 

It’s Thankful Tuesday. So I’m going to share something that I’m thankful for. 

I’m thankful for family and friends. Strangers who send us a universal message and love that keeps me sustained. 

I hope everyone is enjoying this life. I’m definitely trying to enjoy mine.
C.L Cunningham 

Namaste is a way of life 🌞

Happy Tuesday y’all 

Photo courtesy of

Art Army 

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  1. I like this “Namaste is a way of life ��”.
    I sense nice vibes in this post.
    Ummm….one more thing; would you recommend 31/2 hours sleep for a namaste living?
    Just kidding.
    Have a nice day.

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