When laughter isn’t the best medicine 


Imagine dying of starvation. Bringing yourself to a point of begging for donations to live and nobody hearing your call. Now imagine your voice is mute and you can’t find paper to write a sign to even ask for help as you slowly die. 

Is this image funny?

No. It isn’t. 

I give out of my own pocket anytime I can. As I watch people constantly judge the homeless ,the underpaid ,the underprivileged, and the unfortunate. I’ve witnessed those in need laughed at. Used as an example instead of being helpful we are a culture who would rather watch others suffer instead of helping. We laugh at our fellow humans pain as if the shoe could never be on the other foot. 

Today I encourage you to find someone in help. Go look for them and dig in your pocket and help. Buy someone a sandwich. Donate to a homeless shelter. Give someone something other than your prayers and best wishes today. Let’s make an actual difference in a real person’s life this holiday season. 

  Everyone is not mentally strong. Not everyone has somewhere to go. 

They don’t need your judgement and they damn sure do not need your laughter. They need your help. $1.50 can order a sandwich 50c can buy a bottle of water. Be of service. 

C.L Cunningham 

I’m not laughing because it’s not funny.

Sending you all peace and blessings 

Photo courtesy of https://www.pinterest.com/pin/453104412483944919/


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