Passionate about life

The day is young and conversations are on ten. When things that I’m passionate about come into topic my temperature rises.

Not enough or too much is always the balance. Peace and blessings gets tossed to the wind and I have to go find it again. Now that’s real. 

Media coverage of whatever is trending but I’m also the person who wrote that it’s trendy to be trendy in my Kandee’s Corner blog.  Who polices the politics? It damn sure isn’t us. Maybe we should. For now I’m going to leave that to the TV anchors. They get paid for it.

Is that what’s it come down to? The fact that nobody cares until somebody cares. Walk pass a homeless person, pick on a victim, crush the spirit of the spirited. Looks like we made it…huh. 

Looked into the looking glass and all I see is self reflection. 

I’m a person that try’s to do a lot with little because I know how it feels to have less than whatever is necessary to survive. I’m thankful that my heart hopes for a better tomorrow while doing what I can today. I’m a work in progress I assume others are too. 

Good thing there’s something called grace and mercy. 

Being of service isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. It’s actually the people with nothing doing the dirty work. Shine a light on them. The lady helping in the park. The ones working with the so called worthless. 

”Tis the season to do better. Is it actually being done? Or is it just a discount on a already unnecessary purchase? You tell me because I don’t know. 

I’m a light bearer and sometimes I shine a light on the truth and most of the time it’s not that pretty. But hell if it glitters and someone with an  following says its special that’s almost enough for it to be made special. Until it’s actually real. Reality check. 15 minutes is often extended to those who play nice. Longer if you can stay that way. I’m thinking I might need etiquette classes because I’m obviously not nice enough. I’m writing it as I see it. I yell out when there’s danger. I call bullsh*t when common sense doesn’t add up. 

Some things are simply wrong.

My views have a voice and it’s scratching the surface of the universe.

How open of a book is the planet? Are we even reading the pages? Are we so busy creating new ones that we’re not learning about the way things should be?  Once again I don’t have the answer, but I’d like to find one.

Snuggling into my covers soon, enjoying Eat Pray Love on television and pondering on the future. Maybe life will show me the way. I hope it does.

Enjoying today for today. I’m happy for the people who keep me on my toes. The ones that show me love and the kindness along the path. 

C.L  Cunningham 

Sending you a glimmer of gratitude for being alive ✨


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