Giving it all that I am


Making love to my own mental melody. I am growing in the inner growth that is the essence of the woman I will be. 

Gently I reassure my ego to calm down. Being pushed from behind in a struggle I didn’t even know I had. Hmmmmmm.

  All I can be is me. Undoubtedly unexpectedly the ambience of a soul surviving in this mess we call life.

Striving for greatness of self is a gamble that I’m willing to take. Having someone to spend it with is the icing on the cake and I want it all.

Motivation for Monday is the focus. It’s hard to see the future when the past is knocking down your door and asking for more the same.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Deep breath Kandee. You got this. You are strength personified. Love you boo. I repeat this mantra daily. It keeps me moving forward. Love is a complete when it is fully believed in. I believe that it’s available for me. I don’t need to chase what’s for me. 

I’m doing my best. 

Nothing less. 

This time I’m coming for my crown and I will succeed.

Life is meant to be lived. I’m officially living. The people along the way have taught me patience, forgiveness,to be strong when all I want to do is be weak and to never stop being the light even when days get very very dark. 

Today live in these tremendous moments because they’re ours to live!

C. L Cunningham 

Peace and blessings 🌞💋



Photo courtesy of Instagram and myself 😉
Art Army

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