Days with you on my mind connect this galaxy to my spirit. 

Just when giving up and ascending past this planet take over my current views,thoughts continue to bring me towards you.

I don’t belong here. 

I’m a misplaced dot on the painting called this life and I’m careful to remain still.

Here is where you are.

I just want to make you proud to be standing beside me when I can’t even get imagine the night without you. I’m strong enough to make it through. Somehow I’m also too weak to not need you. 

How long is too long?
Actions are supposed to speak louder than words but all we have is keyboarded reactions to real life situations.


Together. We are in this together. Right?

Feeding into your desire to design a new way to be I’m caught up in your eyes. I crave for more of you. Waiting is building a library of feelings I can control….why should I?

I love you but can’t tell nobody. 


I’m yours. Mr. Wrong feels like my Mr. Right and I’m thankful that I found a place that feels like home away from home.
C. L Cunningham 

Photos courtesy of

Photograph by Alexi Hobbs

African American Romantic Artwork

Art Army 

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