We’ve arrived

Home sweet Nebraska.

The time is 6 something am and I’m sitting at the downtown station waiting on my sister to arrive. Yay!

We are officially back.
There’s so much to do.I’m refusing to think about it all,but I’m excited to see a good days worth of sleep. I mean like the whole day. This is wishful thinking considering that my parents probably have a whole Q&A session for me. I’m mentally preparing myself now.
Traveling has allowed us to see the scenic side of this planet. Our stop in Colorado gave us amazing views.
Nature tends to remind me of the universe’s splendor. Right after an enlightened talk with strangers about energies and spiritual concepts. The bus driver asked if we wanted to see the scenery. Everyone took the opportunity to do so.
A bus full of people basking in the awe of landscape.
I know that these moments are shaping me. Changing me. Growing me for whatever is next. I’m forever grateful.
At times days are harder than others. Moods aren’t always happy yet if I continue to try and stay positive most things turn out alright. My good days still show me that I can survive the bad. As long as I have love,forgiveness and strength by my side…how can I be anything other than thankful.

C.L Cunningham
I’m back home y’all (for now 😉)

Sending you all love and light.

Art Army

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    1. It’s the simplest things that become so significant during our journeys. I didn’t even realize the beauty in these pictures until your comment. Thank you. 💙

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