Sound of the alarm

Have you ever been in a room full of strangers all minding your own business and then a fire alarm goes off. Now I picture everyone’s first reaction is to run. Frantically looking for the exit. Moving semi-sporadically outdoors to safety.

Let’s change the picture. It’s now a room full of strangers and a gun goes off. BOOM.

 Did you run? Did you picture yourself waiting to react? What did your boom look like?

Sometimes mine is a tiny firecracker. Powerful small words performing a light show of fireworks. Sometimes it’s a catastrophic blow. Melting on impact.

There’s times. Times when it’s better to put the flames out before they can ever get started.

Hmm. What will make or break my moments of boom? Will it come down to doing as the crowd does? Will there be a second for clarity?

Dazed and confused.

Keeping us all dazed and confused. The sobering part of society is that there isn’t one to begin with.

The way to be.

Society is a preconceived way to be.

Acting accordingly. Studiously following suit. To the tune of the big drum. Beating like fist pounding on chest. With every direction pointed towards success.

I tend to be melodramatic on days of pure emotions.

Today was most definitely filled with ups and downs. Epiphany of the day. Say more than a whisper but never try to out beat a drum with pounding your fist.

You’ll never win that way.

Life doesn’t want you to win that way. At least that’s what I hear.


 I hear fear.

Fear of understanding. As if more understanding gives you peace of mind.I sure used to think so. I’m not so sure anymore.

My life turns on at the beginning of my morning breath. Hits snoozed on the alarm and ignores the headlines.

My life leans on the kindness of others. Having a spark here and there of impatient energy.

It’s hard to stay quiet when things have hit the fan and a response is over due. I turned in three library books today all over due. There was a charge to me for being late. I wonder if there’s a universal charge for it? Being late is a reflection on your character. We get judged on our lateness and character all the time. Yet nothing around us seems to live up to the standards set before I was even conceived. I have to be frank. As in frankly I don’t… well anybody who has heard of phrase knows where this is headed.

There are no boundaries caging me in. The bars of strife and unwanted channels trying to cover up everything that makes a human being be real.  

Honest. Real honesty is that I’m living in a world where damned if I do turns out worst than damned if I don’t. 

Today I say there’s no reform better than that of a misfit. Everybody loves an underdog….until they are standing on top of you. 

To conquer my destiny is the dream. I’m going to achieve it and push for growth from the past and better way in the future. 

I’m damn sure going to color outside lines while do it. 

Secretly I hope that you’re all messy scribblers too.🖍

Here’s to the future. 

May we stop and smell the flowers, stand up and fight the good fight with truth. Make decisions in our lives, that not only change our historical views. But  also changes the historical storyline.

C.L Cunningham 

Sending you rays sunshine ☀️ 


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Art Army 

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