Time has dwindled down. The sky has changed to it’s nighttime attire and I’m sleepy tired. Traveler style.

Awaiting the rigidness that is a mess on the home front.

It’s amazing how a difference of options cause a huge amount of friction. With everyone getting a turn of their unasked for opinions.

From Twitter fingers to gossip. From Facebook post to text.

One after another, after another. Over and over until one becomes beaten, broken….bruised….scarred.

All because someone else has a problem. A reason behind the hate. The hurt. The unkindness. I’m included. At times I feel a superior reason to express my unwanted comments or thoughts. At least those thoughts stay put. They don’t show up at someone’s front door and slap them in the face with hateful words.


Words become swords in our ego battles. That’s a problem from within. At least it feels like it should be.

Nonetheless only time can tell. Hopefully time really does heal all wounds. Including those who pass the hurt along. Pass the hurt on to the next person so they can carry some of the load. Instead of reaching inside. Finding the light in life and giving out universal passion for the finer way to be.

There always a better way to be. As my fingers touch these keys I’m looking for the better way to be. To talk, to love, to decide.

Life starts to feel so precious when my intentions really became true. It’s starting to feel like Christmas and I’m in the mood for love.

So love one another. Hold each other’s hands and press,through the pain.

C. L Cunningham

Good night or Good morning depending on where you live. 💋💮🌼


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