Holiday chipper

Holiday chipper

Bah humbug.
Extra early in the morning and the universe has already tried to rain on my seasonal good time.

My sister has a saying “It’s Chrissmasstime.” With a real southern drawl.

She gives me the best belly laughs.
Which I need as a reminder to stay humorous.

Somedays it’s extremely hard to find the jolly ol laugh. The Santa “Ho Ho Ho”.

I love Christmas. Everything decorated up pretty. Lights are twinkling everywhere. Everyone who actually wants to be happy is on their best behavior. Speaking pleasantries and sending messages of cheer.

It’s a wonderful time of the year. For some. For others it’s a hard time. The weather is colder. The colour scheme is darker. The skies are mostly grey. I understand that. Last year was very….hard. Emotionally,physically and mentally.

This year I’m just finding my way to the vision of love that I had as a little girl. As my fairytale starts to unfold my life is tumbling apart and still I chose to find happiness.

“I will remain calm in the storm.” I keep repeating this to my mental database.

Today is a new day. Life is what you make it and even grey skies can be pretty.
C.L Cunningham
Shoveling positivity into the universe until it consumes us all 😂
Happy Monday
Namaste 🌼

Photo courtesy of
Artist Nina Frenkel

Fair shared

Art Army 

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