To you 


“I love you and I want to be loved but I just don’t knowww how to tell you.” Belts out of the speakers. Deep cries of an aching man’s soul.
Resonating with my thoughts.
Reading 📖 a book ,hearing a song, words from a friend. All pause when I start to search for you.
 My night consists of searching for stars. Looking for celestial beauty to rain down. Feeling the 54 degree mountain wind.
Purposely letting time pass. 
Can’t really talk about the past. The present is out of control. The future is around the corner.
How’s your night?
What’s coming out your speakers?
Surrounded by a room full of people right now trying to reach for you.
Hate when I’m late to respond. Guess it’s still new.
Guess it’s the same on either side of this fence.
Missing you daily.
C.L Cunningham 


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