Broken timelines 


I’m right but I’m wrong.

The price to prove point. 

Was it worth it?


To fix the broken pieces with anything less than bonding glue would be useless.

Once these parts are put back together nobody can break the seal. 

As long as the love is real and the ego gets shut off between each other.

This dream becomes possible and happiness can last forever.
Do want to spend forever with me?

Lend the roadmap to your heart. Let me meet you in the moonlight. 

Hold you for a moment. Kiss you gently goodnight. Make your subconscious call my name on the low.
Ssh….Quiet that storm inside yourself. 

Yes, we got hurt once before. 

Yes, we fucked it all up. 



For a redone image of a fantasy.
C.L Cunningham 



Art Army 

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