Father may I?

Peeking through the skylight is the sunshine of another magnificent Sunday. 

Ah yes. I’m awake. My mind is still intact and the energy between us has become therapeutic. 

Friendship has brought us back to a familiar spot. Getting along. Hanging out. Keeping in touch. Watching from both near and far. Wondering how to handle inner conflict with self control and respect. Not pointing the finger at one another. Ready to move toward a goal completely free of past judgment. 

Being spiritual and having understanding of right and wrong I feel compelled to speak and act as I’m holy. To be a good example for others. I know the truth according to how I’ve seen it. Learned it and my belief system has geared me up to proclaim that knowledge. 


What now? I’m sure that there’s a little more to the puzzle than that. How many times have I heard of a big name pastor putting out massive amounts of spiritual information. Only to be crucified in the media for being human. Making a mistake has become a fatal flaw in the religious sectors. 

Truth be told. Making a mistake has become a flaw in the views of society.

Is there a God? 

Father is that you?

I believe that it is a divine energy force bigger than myself. I have felt the healing spirit. I have harnessed my soul’s nature and held it out for the world to see. But still I am me. 

My wants haven’t been forgotten. My need to go after something so unconventional it has angered others. Brought me judgment in a neat papier-mâché flower bouquet.

Right or wrong I will follow through this journey. It’s humbling to tell yourself that the consequences of your decision could bring you pain. Then force yourself to sit in those decisions and examine your thoughts.

What I’ve done in the past few years hasn’t brought me happiness. 

Father of secret lifelines and parallel spaces… may I be myself? Completely agree to make a mess of my current life and become the new being that I’ve seen in my visions. Take on a new form and let go of views of this world. 

I may have heaven etched into my destiny but for right now I want love to be grounded into my soul.
C.L Cunningham 

Choosing to be grounded in love 🌻🌞

Photo https://www.pinterest.com/pin/222576406565711515/
Art Army 

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