Swisher sweet


The ties that bind are tighter than any rope. ➰

Today is another Saturday of family interactions. Friendly reactions even when attitudes are on high. Remembering why it’s important to live in the now instead of the yesterdays. 

Trying not to miss…..anything.

Nothing is too serious. Ready to sit back and enjoy the lazy breezes. Looking up fashion on Pinterest. Mixing the newest styles with my mature classy flow. 

Embracing my own unique sensibility. But still needing to capture my sexiness. Unapologetically enhancing myself.

I love days when I get to bring my vision board into effect. Make some of my dreams come true and kiss negativity buh bye. 

It’s a sunny semi warm day. Life is looking different but still good. Love is still in abundance. Forgiveness last forever and I’m always grateful for that. 

I’m ready for the 🌎 world to shine bright and beautiful 🌻.

C.L Cunningham 

Photo https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AQD23BJMeK8uo5BnQGUC0F1Fv73De0ij60_0IeRzTzDjELhOSG8wRro/

Art Army 

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