Life is meant to be lived

And my heart is in your hands

But the demands that are on this situation are a bit extreme 

Even by my standards


Did you come here to loved or worshiped?

My naive-ness is a choice

I choose to ignore… ignorance 

So I’m supposed to admire you from afar 

While I get f**ked up close and personal?

I’m not gonna play with you in this moment 

I thought our love was going to stop traffic and open doors

Cross oceans and climb mountains 


Now I don’t know what to think 

I was under the impression that ready meant more than a head-start

I assumed that when the gun sounded we would be headed to the finish line

Instead I guess I found out that there was a silencer on the end of the gun

Painting our love would be magic

But after years of tragic stories and the need to feel someone other myself I don’t have much use for loyalty 


Money has never actually float my boat

And love is actually turning out to be for suckers 

All I have is me

If that’s not enough to get you off your ass and in the car then I don’t have shit else to give

I want you 

I need you

You’ve given you to the world but can you give you to me?

C.L Cunningham 



Art Army 

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