That comes

Want everything that comes with you.

The late nights and early mornings. 

The secret rendezvous in plain sight.

The phantom phone calls and magic mind fogs of inspiration.

Dancing in the middle of parallel dimensions for your eyes only.

Need to feel your thoughts. 

To feel sweat prickling on my skin. Glistening by sparkles of the moonlight.

Knowing it’s a sin to think of you this way but I can’t say to myself to leave well enough alone.

Seem lost. 

The kind of lost that plays tricks with the mind and sings songs of praises even on the days that things get rough.

Lost in abandonment issues and red wine by the liter. 

Puffs of inadequacy cloud my brain cells and make me forget that I am beautiful.

Want to be with you in the worst way. 

As in everyday of my life. 

Even if that means thinking twice about what my future looks like. 

At least these feelings give me fuel for my lyrical abilities. 

Stands me out front and center for all of cyberspace to see me naked fully uncovered. 

Bare assed in my feelings hoping it’s enough to change the course of the way that this is going. 

Bring us closer together and my replace the holes in my heart with your love.

C.L Cunningham 

Photographer:Kashon Dyer
Art Army


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