A way of life

I woke up today to good news. Yasss the universe has finally smiled down on me. The divine has blessed me and made California finally feel like a place I can call myself a resident. I’d say home but we’ll see about that. 

I went looking for a place. Hoping and praying I find what I need. 

Mostly today has been a day of thanksgiving. I feel so thankful today. I get to feel hopeful about the future. I almost lost that feeling of hope these last few weeks. Excited to say that’s back again. 

Sometimes life seems like a movie. One where you’re the director and the actor. Just as you’ve come to grips with that you find out that you are also the writer of the script. That’s three jobs. A trinity of information. An amazing amount of work. 

It doesn’t always go as planned . Life gets off screen and jumps into your lap. Or should I say my lap. Because my life has definitely jumped off track and then back on. 

Here’s to a beautiful Wednesday and a thankful day for me. 

C.L Cunningham 

Namaste 🌻🌞🦋
Photo: Snapchat 

Art Army


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