Opening my eyes for the second time today.

Oh Sunday morning…Look at you! You sexy thing you.

I’m sure there’s something else I could call it but it’s gorgeous to be alive. To smell the air and to look around and see myself surrounded by family and friends. Anticipating what this day will bring. I’m calling on all the zen energy that I can find to bring this day peacefulness.

I’ve elevated from the floor to a couch. Yay

My body is muy achy but a little yoga stretching should be all that I need to feel good again. 

Thoughts keep running through my mind. There are things I no longer desire to think about. Isn’t it ironic how one can fixate everything that inside on one particular moment. It’s almost as if nothing else matters. 


When a part of my being.  A little slice of my soul is still awol. 

It has gone missing. 

I’m not sure if it’s hidden from me or completely taken away. For now I’m ok with that.

When people are passing through this life. At a blink of an eye. Why would anything that makes me feel uncomfortable or unhappy be important? 

Today it won’t be. Nah today is a good day to live. To unplug my soul. To put down the news. To hung up the phone. To run away to a beautiful place and check out the architecture. Sunday is the beginning of a week meant to be spent smiling. So smile on sexy creatures! Enjoy this Sunday and everyday after as long as you can.

C.L Cunningham 

Happy Sunday y’all 🌻🌞

Namaste 🦋




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