Blame game


Beautiful day in the neighborhood…. to kick some ass.


To go out and find youself a reason to push forward even when someone has been allowed to alter your zen-fully mindful Tuesday. 

Guess what universe?! I have absolutely no idea how I’m doing. But I’m not letting that stop me. I’m not going to allow my neglected self-worth push me over the edge. 

Blessed to see another day. Excited about the possibility to grow. Focused on moving forward instead of hiding in the background.

Love is funny that way.

The love of self, the love of someone else, the love of success. It all points to an outcome that may be different than you expected. Than you pictured. 

Try not to play the blame game when the picture isn’t as pretty as you imagined. Try not to fall victim to your own self pity and guilt. I write this sentence and I know deep in my spirit that sentence was for myself. 

I’m more enlightened than I’ve ever been. I’m finally embracing my flaws, sins, and accomplishments. My blessings continue to find a home in my heart and my wayward emotions are finding their voice.

Honestly speaking I’m glad I opened my heart. I’m happy I took a chance. Forgiving the past. Asking the past to forgive me.

 Letting life fall in place and wishing you all a flower filled day.

C.L Cunningham 

Love n life🌻🌞


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