Life as is


Goodness gracious. 

My days of trying to get my life in order has gone from an amazing feeling of zen to bytch please. 

Completely thrown of my high horse and placed in the humblest of situations I’m signing up and looking for all the help in sight. I spent a cool 4 hrs yesterday at health and human services only to walk out without what I needed because what they need to impute into the system out weighs my hunger.

Uploading documents that haven’t been received. I wait. 

Life seems to keep me in a holding position in certain ways. As always I have to trek through this version of my story. 

Watching people work at places they obviously don’t want to work at keeps me thriving at pushing through. My joy and passion for expressing myself makes me optimistic for the future. Creatively thirsting to see more and learn from those who have walked this road before me. 

Welcoming my right to speak on certain things that burn my fire and also passing on engaging with anything that steals my peace. Venting and then letting go is a must for me right now. I can’t hold on to a lot of negativity even though it’s readily available if I choose to do so. 

I’m happy for writing games and friends to chat with. For healthy enough children and a place to sleep. 

C.L Cunningham 

Looking away from the downward spiral and trying to climb the staircase.

Wishing you a gorgeous Tuesday 

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