Beautiful transition 


Doing one of my daily routines I came across a thought. Beautifully transitioning through life. 

As an overthinker and thought composer I playfully examine the things that I encounter constantly. I’m quickly reminded how important it is to live in the moment. Some things seem small or not important at the time that they appear. There’s almost no way of knowing the full importance of even a second of the day. Until you wake up with a epitome or a lightning bolt of imagination or determination which ever suits your fancy. 

Today I decided to time my time to look at the picture. Trying carefully not to miss even the littlest detail. I’m sure I can create it all in my mind but I believe the things created for me to see will be there if ever I’m ready to see them. I read the book the Alchemist yesterday. The story or stories written within a story left me gifted with insight and creative energy. A new look at the same things, a better perspective. I’m thankful for things to be grateful about. 

Not everyday is beautiful. Sometimes our lows are a bigger list than the thoughts of delightful emotions. And that’s alright. Send the energy forward for positive change in what is being seen. 

Easily it will begin to unfold in front of you. Life will become an open book of your beautiful transition to wherever it is that you desire to go. 

C. L Cunningham 

Wishing you love n light

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    • I’m thankful that life is pushing me through difficult things and still allowing me to find myself. 💙 It’s so hard to stay positive sometimes.


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