Today as I was walking to get some food. A thought crossed my mind. “How do I find my way?” The days are long and my ability to process is short.

Hard times come and go but being lost in California remains the same.

I miss having a confidante. I had a certain person I told all my dirt to. Someone I didn’t hold back from because I didn’t have to.

Now I’m just trying to survive. Still not placing any emotions to the things that are in front of my face.

Hell is no focus… still focused?

News stations full of sad stories. TV trying to show positive images. Radio playing happy songs. And I’m writing this blog.

My blog my piece of history. 

Empathy is embedded into my DNA. Anything else is a bonus. I’m thankful for my gifts. Everyday I try to be of service. 

Today was a small donation to a fund at a restaurant. A smile to a stranger. Holding the door for someone else. Doing those aren’t much to someone looking for a big grand act of kindness. But everyone can be a grand act of kindness. 

I never want to lose that picture. That mindset that if I’m kind and caring. If I listen and lend my voice to the beauty of positive possibilities things will always be better than my imagination can carry me. 

C. L Cunningham 

Almost as beautiful as I can be 💜🌞

Wishing you love n light 


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