Who man?


Waking up in a comfy bed.  For a small moment I was able to forget that I am in a strange place.

Day by day.  The choice is mine to be whatever kind of human I can be.

I’m constantly hoping for the love that is inside me to be something special. 

Something mystical. Something beautiful. 

For a long time I couldn’t enjoy not one day. I literally found something wrong with everything.  

A perfect example is a gift. 

I’m still looking for a good way to be. I don’t even know myself. My dreams, some more vivid than others. Start to become my building blocks. 

I’m always trying to stay positive that those blocks will be built on solid ground. 

All sins are equally forgiven. Once I’ve forgiven myself I can do like a kind lady once said and have faith that things will work out right. 

Even when I’m wrong. 

That gives me something to smile about and look forward to. 

C. L Cunningham 

Walking this earth and feeling it’s pain. Hoping it will heal again. 🌻


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