The winds of change are here again… meh.

Seriously speaking. It’s 7:46 in the Am on this wonderfully amazing 1st of September. 

Whaaat. September already. 

The month of my Daddy’s birthday even though he doesn’t celebrate. And the beginning of something new.

A change of plans happened. We will all be staying in California. Shocked. Me too.

This time co habitation will be with the ex. (I know) But I’m hopeful we can all just get along. He seems sincere enough about wanting to help in our time of need. I’m too weary to disagree with help. 

I’m going to keep on laughing until I find something funny.  Considering that life tends to give me lemons and I’m pretty good at making lemonade. 🍋

C. L Cunningham 

Just going where the wind takes me… literally.


Have an awesome Friday and a peaceful weekend. 

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