On a mental vacation.


From this day forward I promise to dedicate my time to myself. Enjoying the gift of waking up. In the best state of mind that I can for the moment.

I’ve been told that a job ain’t nothing but work. So I installed it into my brain. That work is the job. But magically appearing out of nowhere came a new mindset. 

Whatever I want to happen will most certainly happen. I can’t run from it. Now ….The Who, what, when, where, and how. Well that’s up to my universe to decide. 

I hope serendipity is real. 

Happy that hope is still in my vocabulary. Sometimes I get mad at words and kick them out my mental Rolodex. Real talk. I do that with everything. Kick stuff, people, decisions right out my mental Rolodex.

Maybe not the best way to handle situations but it is this way today. 

Listening to desperado by Rhiannan. Reminds me of the feeling I get when I am so hungry for a particular someone,something, or sometime.

Hate it when I have to let go. Resume in a spot that I didn’t want to be in.

Mental vacation. Life is my map to places unknown. It’s been an exciting ride so far. Hopefully it continues to be as beautiful.

C.L Cunningham 

Envisioning palm trees and butterflies 🦋 


Art Army 

Creative Initiative


Say that you’re on a titter totter. Now if you and a friend can hold it steady it becomes balanced. But if it’s heavy even by a little it starts to lean to the heavier side.

That is the exact same as life. 

You can pick either or. 

I’m sitting here wondering why there was ever a need for a choice?

Why can’t you have it all?

C.L Cunningham 
Taking a break from the world of make believe for a moment and focusing on the world around me. 

Peace and blessings 





I rise up in my spirit because finally I’m alive. I left the here and now. For the finally and foreseeable future. Grasping on with both hands I ride a white horse into eternity. Opened up found out that no man was attached.


The unity I needed I had found. The person who would take me to the other side. He did that for me. Mission accomplished…Anything else done would be a bonus round on shear luck. Along with the need to want it. I was given that with no strings attached for me. 


I kept my soul. In a world where the past is now and tomorrow is today. I rest. I did the best I could with what I had and it worked out fine for me. Selfishly I do a little dance. 

I’ve been dancing the whole way. During my awakening I laughed and I played. I dance from the mist of the midnight. With the strength of the day I danced in the sunlight. 

Whenever I was down I prayed to get up. He helped me stand. When they told me that I was ugly.He made me feel pretty enough to take it. But, no we weren’t perfect. Yet it wasn’t designed to be finished perfectly. 

Enlighten by my mind. The logic and the creativity coming together in unison. Finally fitting together to create the insane mind. The mind that gives you total tranquility. In yoga it is the final resting pose. Corpse pose. 


The things I’ve learned a million times in one day. No I’m not angry. Yes I am thankful. Gratitude is a way of life that I want to seek. I want to express how grateful I am. I am centered with the universe and it wasn’t the end of the world. Yet I feel fine. 

C.L Cunningham 

I’m here with you in the storm…and

Eternally grateful 🌻🌞⭐️

Blame game

Beautiful day in the neighborhood…. to kick some ass.


To go out and find youself a reason to push forward even when someone has been allowed to alter your zen-fully mindful Tuesday. 

Guess what universe?! I have absolutely no idea how I’m doing. But I’m not letting that stop me. I’m not going to allow my neglected self-worth push me over the edge. 

Blessed to see another day. Excited about the possibility to grow. Focused on moving forward instead of hiding in the background.

Love is funny that way.

The love of self, the love of someone else, the love of success. It all points to an outcome that may be different than you expected. Than you pictured. 

Try not to play the blame game when the picture isn’t as pretty as you imagined. Try not to fall victim to your own self pity and guilt. I write this sentence and I know deep in my spirit that sentence was for myself. 

I’m more enlightened than I’ve ever been. I’m finally embracing my flaws, sins, and accomplishments. My blessings continue to find a home in my heart and my wayward emotions are finding their voice.

Honestly speaking I’m glad I opened my heart. I’m happy I took a chance. Forgiving the past. Asking the past to forgive me.

 Letting life fall in place and wishing you all a flower filled day.

C.L Cunningham 

Love n life🌻🌞


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Mirror image 

Hiding the underlined reasoning for the pictures on the screen. Living and breathing creatures being suffocated by doctrine.

Today is an amazing chill Monday. Did a couple of poems and a couple of quotes. 

Looked over some things and finally ate lunch. Fish and rice. Steamed and easy on the tummy. 

Excited for new discoveries. New ideas and new contacts. Virtually meeting others with like minds and extremely enlightening thoughts. So much for an introvert to take in all at once. 

Staying positive and focusing on the need to face one’s demons. Not to hide behind them and plead them to go away. But to confront them with the class and grace given to me. 

I’m the first to admit my mistakes. I know that I’m flawed. I know sometimes in life the choice to choose to be different cost you something. Forward movement doesn’t stop unless you force it to. I’m moving with the wave this time. Hopefully I won’t get sea sick. Hopefully this time I enjoy the feeling of floating. 

Ready for the dreams in my mind to become the dream I scripted into my destiny years ago. 

I know that there’s a lot going on in the world. My timeline flooding with fingers pointing at the other side but actually pointing to themselves. Ourselves as a whole. 

We are beautiful. Gorgeous personalities. Wonderful abilities. Blessed to had opened our eyes. 


Letting my life become a thankful one. 


Yes I’m learning about graciousness. 

C.L Cunningham 

Sending you all love and light🌻✨🌞


Pumpkin 🎃 patches and unicorn kisses

Forget me nots and a will to illuminate the sky….

The days are giving up orange hues and brisk winds of winter. Up in the mountains it becomes colder than the rest of California. I enjoy the peace a lot of the time. Of course I’d prefer a more populated area but for now it reminds me of my peaceful Arizona existence.

My poetic heart keeps giving way to my logical thinking. Seeing people come and go. Keeping mental data by pure accident. Hazards of an over active and over stimulated mind. It’s fine for me for now. To sink my power into positive energy and phantasy of a story I’ve always wanted.

Today is a bit of a historic day. People are standing up for injustice and as normal there’s those who don’t care, don’t know, don’t understand or miss the point. Sadly I’m in the middle on some of it myself. The right to fight. The right to sit or to stand. Seems to have been a tug of war between the two for centuries. Wonder if we’re ever going to work it out? Can we patch it back together?

I would like to at least work together. 

Blue energy flows freely today. Another sunny day with built up emotion. Bringing us memories to rekindle and love to explore.

C.L Cunningham 




Night falls harder than the heaviest trees in an empty forest.

Sitting in a frigid garage by my lonesome thinking thoughts of you.

Pressing my lips across this rolled up piece of white grape intoxication. 

Inhaling memories of when I would cry out at night while visions slept quietly in my head.

Deciding if a life worth living is worth the fight to be alive when this part of my story is unread.

Oh well

I’ll pencil in the new parts. Clip away the old. Fix it up with a delicate bow and call it some day soon. 

C. L Cunningham 


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