Can you trust the untrustworthy?

Let me ponder this question…

I would love some feedback on this, because it’s puzzling to me.

When engaged in a business, foundation, church, group etc. Do you look for truth? Evidence of realness. 

Isn’t it favourable to see the data on the results?

And if it’s based on growth and reviews of the fan base. 

Currently living my life under a microscope. Being searched for clues of evidence that I’m opposite of who I said I was. Continuously returning to myself altered but fiercely sustained by the original. 

Uncovering flaws and mystical gifts but the dogma remains unique and constant.

Ready to blossom forward but the deadline keeps moving the finish line. Or maybe there was never one to begin with. 

C. L Cunningham 

Pondering fact from fiction 📖


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