We don’t all take the same path.

I’m learning that everyday. 

It’s the journey to self discovery that sent me on my current path. I’m starting to wonder if I ever wanted to be found. 

Nevertheless here I am. Open as I can be. Ready and willing for all to see his grace and mercy coming shining bright out of me.

I’m alone but not lonely.  The spirits keep me sane. Anytime I’m in need of help I instantly call out the Lord’s name.

I picked my path. My feet are certainly on the ground. If I believe in you, then those are the one’s that I want around. 

I don’t need other’s to do what I’ve done. No one needs to be like me.

Just push out love. Live in your own truth. Encourage peace and let’s all come together in unity with a hint of harmony. 

C. L Cunningham 

Live your truth 


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