Shake it off

Now that I’m fully functional and in my happy place it’s time to move it along.

At times it’s better to express my inner most hidden thoughts. That’s what my blog is for. To express the things I would normally not say.

My truth is just a side note of gems piling up to be given away. Spreading out my soul and hopefully inspiring others to keep going when you feel as if you have nowhere in this world to go.

We are not all happy people. 

That’s okay. It’s alright not to find a happy place. And I’d be the first to tell you that in sadness you will find yourself. 

I only ask that you learn to let go of the waves of energy that may cause you distress. Pull in the energy that will give you a place of peaceful rest. And rest assure that you will be alright. 

C. L Cunningham 

Shaking it off and moving on



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