Beep beep beep.

My alarm goes off at 5:15am.

The rush to get dressed and ready by 5:55am begins. 

Out the door and on to my 3hr plus 3 bus commute. 

Stop and grab a donut and change. Heading up the street for a great day at work. 

I do the Mr. Rodgers shoes switch to complete my outfit and begin the day.

2:45pm I hustled down the street and around the corner. I buy some Panera bread from a gift card given to me. And I look up the street. 

From afar I can see a mountain. I breathe in the elegant view. The green and brown mix of colour. 

I stop my mind from running long enough to understand the beauty in something that is there everyday.  It’s probably missed by the many people who have forgotten it’s worth. 

I’m hustling to get by. I hustle to maintain. But I haven’t forgotten the beautiful pieces of art God given in the landscape. 

C.L Cunningham 

Enjoying the view

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