Do you know what time it is?


Oh yasss….

The time of the year has come upon us.

The fall season is creeping in with its chilly mornings and it’s weird acting weather.

School starts soon and I’ll be heading back to work. And my child back to classes. 

But none of these things are as important as the blessing of the greatest sport of all time.

Oh yes…I’m  talking about Football F**$@ing season!!!!🏈


As a Cowboy’s and Husker fan I just had to take the time out to show my appreciation for the season and the sport that makes my heart sing and my body jump up and down yelling at the television. 

My boys are playing a preseason game so I’ll be borrowing the TV from the kids playing video games to check out how their doing.

For all my football fans out there… it’s finally here FOOTBALL SEASON IS BACK!

C. L Cunningham 

Excited Football chick 💛🏈🌻

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