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I’ve seen many images. Visions of both good and bad. I’ve prayed for relief from the storm. Not realizing that there was no storm to begin with.

Handed a book and a list. Handed a pen and a pad. Solved problems that weren’t my fault and it still made me sad.

Gifted love to the masses. Tried to calm down the fear. Washed away my own worries so happiness could appear.

Peace amongst the uncertain. Finally got my post. The assignment I was given is the most amazing sence of hope.

C. L Cunningham 

Sending you all love and light 💚🌻


The problem with predictions 

Go to a fortune teller and get information on a chance.

Go to a forcaster and get information of a prediction on an event. 

Predications are estimations. 

The problem with estimations is that if anything changes in one way or another it throws off the estimation.

After it’s been thrown off the situation or situations need to be revised and recalculated.

I erge to allow yourself room for recalculations. Allow growth and fallbacks. As I said in previous blog post. Begin again.  This time with a fresh mindset and a better understanding. 

Allow room for mistakes and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

C. L Cunningham 



Can you trust the untrustworthy?

Let me ponder this question…

I would love some feedback on this, because it’s puzzling to me.

When engaged in a business, foundation, church, group etc. Do you look for truth? Evidence of realness. 

Isn’t it favourable to see the data on the results?

And if it’s based on growth and reviews of the fan base. 

Currently living my life under a microscope. Being searched for clues of evidence that I’m opposite of who I said I was. Continuously returning to myself altered but fiercely sustained by the original. 

Uncovering flaws and mystical gifts but the dogma remains unique and constant.

Ready to blossom forward but the deadline keeps moving the finish line. Or maybe there was never one to begin with. 

C. L Cunningham 

Pondering fact from fiction 📖



In the fight to remain grounded in my being a part of mankind. I often wonder… why?

Why is the need to repeat past mistakes so relevant in our day to day timeline. 

We’ve seen the works of past civilizations. We read of the rise and fall. And yet our current mistakes look a lot like the historic ones.

I learned the word finitude today.  The state of having limits and bounds. Maybe that’s the missing link. We haven’t reached our limit of being negative and watching negativity happen to other’s. 

We’ve become so accustomed to pain that it mixes in with our happiness and become a pot of misery stew.

For those who preach love as the best example. I ask that you continue on. Human kindness is such a beautiful thing. Even when others don’t understand or believe in your vision. As long as you believe in it and speak from your golden spirit and diamond shaped heart. It can only be a blessing to others. As it has been a blessing to me when I am on the receiving end of it.

We all reach some form of finitude. It maybe as a tear or a scream. Maybe a whisper or somewhere in between and nothing is wrong with having limits. 

I seen a quote that said it’s okay to get tired but rest and don’t quit. I’m going to go a little further and say that you can quit. But if you happen to find your way back to the love you started with then it’s also okay to begin again. 

C. L Cunningham 

Starting and restarting until I show the love that I want to see. 

I did it

I made a blog post a while back 5 things to do before the end of the year. 

I have currently completed 3 of those things. Can I get a whoo hoo!

Today I did Runyon Canyon. It was a breezy 90 something degrees. My cell phone decided not to work as soon as I got to Union Station (go figure) making me have to find alternative transportation. 

I asked the universe for a cheaper ride and once again it answered. I got a $7 ride there and back instead of a potential  $14 to $30 taking the metro underground train.

I had to walk 30 mins there and back instead. 

Which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. By walking instead of riding I was able to fulfil a request from my sister in Nebraska. She asked me to get a picture of her favorite group of all times Hollywood walk of fame star.

Wish granted! And I found my childhood favorite group too. New kids on the block 😂.  

All in all the day turned out great. I’m a bit sore and achy. Plus I still have a train ride and bus to catch. But I won’t complain about it because I have no complaints. 

C. L Cunningham 

Wishing you all Peace and Blessings 🌻 Namaste 


Just trying to move on

From the heartache and the cries 

Alone with the truth of where love and life collide. 

C. L Cunningham 



Woke up late. Well later in the day than normal, but that’s because I was up all night wrestling with the ideas of what to do next.

I’m running out of time here at my ex’s aunty house. She’s ready for us to move on and we’re ready to go also. I’m appreciative of the hospitality and happy my daughter is on her last leg of her classes.  

My plan was to let her finish up her externship staying with the ex and me and the boys leave town.

Well lo and behold the price of the greyhound tickets keep going up and I’m on a limited budget with absolutely no time.

I heard a voice in my head telling me the other option I have. And yes I mean the 1 other option. I’m puzzled and sad. I’m sure that complaining about this and that isn’t going to help me in this moment. Once again I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

2017 has been a very humbling year. 

I’m more determined to become the writing goddess I want to be. I just wasn’t expecting to still be in California while I did it.😕

C. L Cunningham 

Letting the chips fall where they may 

What do you want?

I scroll my tweeter feed and see a question that sparked my interest. 

Are you doing what you want or what is expected of you? 

Once again I say both.  Now maybe that’s the duality speaking or just my heart finally being in the right direction. 

If what I want to do comes with requirements, then me doing the things required is what I want.

At some point in my journey to growth in my passion I had to make a stand. I chose. I’m proud of my choice. And I’m beyond grateful and excited for the opportunity. 

I’m challenging myself to become a more zen and creative being. And I ask the universe to grant me an avenue to speak my truth.

C. L Cunningham 

Grateful 🌻 and sending you all positive energy. 


We don’t all take the same path.

I’m learning that everyday. 

It’s the journey to self discovery that sent me on my current path. I’m starting to wonder if I ever wanted to be found. 

Nevertheless here I am. Open as I can be. Ready and willing for all to see his grace and mercy coming shining bright out of me.

I’m alone but not lonely.  The spirits keep me sane. Anytime I’m in need of help I instantly call out the Lord’s name.

I picked my path. My feet are certainly on the ground. If I believe in you, then those are the one’s that I want around. 

I don’t need other’s to do what I’ve done. No one needs to be like me.

Just push out love. Live in your own truth. Encourage peace and let’s all come together in unity with a hint of harmony. 

C. L Cunningham 

Live your truth 


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