Today’s Happiness 


Have you ever had a moment of happiness? I’m not talking about a little bursts of joy. But a real feeling of goodness rushing over your body.

The kind of feeling that puts an instant smile on your face.  Its like everything around is great. Your hearing birds singing.  The neighbor’s dog is barking and you don’t even care. Your just enjoying the moment.  

And then out of nowhere…boom bam bang.


That good ol negativity starts to creep up. 

It doesn’t matter how or where it comes from, but surprise surprise it’s making it’s entrance right as your mind is at ease.

I’m one of those types of people. The type that tends to let joy stealers and peace takers come and ruin my otherwise happy existence.

 I sometimes fall into the never-ending cycle of happy and non happiness. But today I’m going to refuse to allow anyone to steal my good mood.

Let today be it’s own day of happiness. Find anything that makes you smile and hold on to it like the most expensive gift you’ve ever received. 

C.L Cunningham 

Smiling on the inside 

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