It’s early morning and my summer vacation is closing in. I have almost another 2 weeks left. And I’m a little sad that I haven’t had the types of adventures I was hoping to have.

My vacation has been filled with mental and spiritual transformation. I have changed my relationship status from married to single to… well, I can’t even explain it… And I decided to be celibate…Lord help me…

So I started by reading some reasons why that’s better for me. I looked up a 12 step program on how to control that part of my life. And I promise you that, I knew I focused on sex a lot but seriously… it’s worse when you’re bored and lonely.  

I decided to cut off all forms until I could grasp what in my mind would lead to an outcome other than remaining celibate. (Which is probably only working because I haven’t been around temptation). 

But what happens when I do? Get around temptation I mean. In my mind I’m sure that I can face it with ease and conquer it in an instant. But I haven’t made a guilt plan for the possibility of failure. 

I like to believe that failure isn’t an option,but it is. 

In life there’s success and failure. And even though I thrive for success in my life. I’m learning that those victories are starting smaller and smaller, then growing from there.

 I’m letting go of the guilt that comes with failure. Because if I didn’t I wouldn’t try again to succeed with the task. 

Today I ask that if we fall down that we get back up. And that we continue to get back up. Don’t let the thoughts that plague us take control. We are all tempted in some way. 

Tempted to give up. Tempted to take that opposite direction. Tempted to cuss out that person annoying you. Tempted to hurt someone hurting you. Tempted to be less than our greater self.

Today my hurdles are different than yesterday’s. And I’m still tweaking my celibacy plan for my best success rate. I’m sure that we all have been tempted in our lives and will continue to be tempted. 

We just can’t let those thoughts and things define us. And we have to continue on the path to success! 

C.L Cunningham 

In need of a cold shower 

Happy Tuesday y’all 

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