It was all a dream pt.3

I’m little shocked by him admitting to being a man whore. But even more at the decision to go slow and take his time to get to know me.

I sit a listen to him talk. I watch the way his hands move as he speaks. The way his voice fluctuated between his sentences. I looked at how his eyes got wide with excitement or calm and sad like when he said something that brought back bad memories.

In that moment I want to soak up anything that would be a clue of what was in his heart. Instead of wondering what was in his pocket.

We continued to talk for about 2 hours when there was a knock on the door. Something was poppin off downstairs and he needed to go handle the situation. So I waited upstairs in the fancy room for a half hour.

Finally I decided to go to the bathroom. I went from room to room searching for one. As I finally see one I dart over quickly.  By the door is a beautiful woman. She’s dressed to the nines and smoking something a Lil special. I say “excuse me is this the bathroom I’ve been looking for one for a minute” chuckling at myself I reach for the door. She blocked it with her body and made a smirk. She replied “well if your looking for your man he’s downstairs with my friend.”

The feeling of throw up begins to fill my stomach. What did this chic just say to me?

Now I know what’s she’s implying but I’m not gonna give her the satisfaction of seeing my hurt feelings.  So I politely push pass her and say… ” Wow, you don’t say. Well when he’s done with her could you have her send him back upstairs, because we weren’t done talking.”

She laughs and told me that I was a stupid bytch and that he was just going to use me up then sleep with me and forget about me. I would’ve cared but I had the bathroom door shut and locked just in case she was a weirdo waiting to happen.

I almost felt sad for myself for a second but then I remembered. He’s not my man. He’s someone I’m trying to get to know. And this party isn’t a full reflection of who he was. Let alone who I was.

After my mini prep talk.  I walked out the bathroom and seen that she was gone. I went downstairs and he in fact was in a heated debate with a beautiful woman. I quietly excused myself outside and got the house address off the front. I called myself an uber and I waited.

The driver confirmed me that he was close and I told him that I’d meet him at the edge of the street.  I began walking and as soon as I did he appeared.

He yelled at me to hold up. So I did. He asked me where I was going and I said I was tired and that he seemed a little busy. He tried to assure me that he wasn’t and that scene in the house was an old mistake he hadn’t dealt with.

I looked him up and down and said “there’s no need to explain to me the past. I’m only worried about how I fit into your future”. Right at that moment my uber pulled up. He offered in the closing minutes to pay for another ride. Or to take me back himself but I declined and said “when you call I’ll pick up”. I opened the car door got in and waved at him from the window. 

As I seen him start to make the walk back up to the house I made a split decision. I asked the driver to stop.  I told him that I forgot something and I  needed to grab it real fast. 

The car stopped and I got out and yelled “Hey, how do caged birds fly?” He turned and smiled. He replied ” is that a trick question? And I ran up and said “yes,yes it is”. I gave him the biggest hug that my tiny body could give and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. I left my phone number on his phone got back in and rode away. Secretly praying that he would call.

C. L Cunningham 

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