Have you ever seen those super positive quotes. The kind that make you get a burst of goodness.

There’s always a beautiful picture. One where love looks like heaven. Maybe one with great scenery or an amazing beach.

One where there’s a family connecting over a planned trip,party or the kitchen table.

I’m always motivated by these images. The way there is a smile is on the faces of the people in the picture. It gives the projection of a life meant to be lived in happiness. A life meant to be lived in enjoyment.

With all the images flowing around showing me the things that are terrible in this world. These types of photographs realign me with the greater good underneath the surface. The optimal way that this life can be is set in the core of the heart of it all.

It’s almost feels better to embrace the magic of comic energies and spiritual winds blowing past the sadness and opening a window of wonderful memories. Memories that were captured by an image of someone else’s wonderful day. But still invites me to join in on the feeling that was felt in that split moment.

Being torn by what things could be and what they are… is a trail with little rewards.

Today I’m going to dig deep and log on to the glimmering sparks of beauty intensified and passions for love are captured by an image.

C. L Cunningham

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